As accrued vacation ?

As accrued vacation ?

Every employee is officially employed in the enterprise of any form of property, has the right to leave, that is, a temporary exemption from job functions with preservation of employment and the payment of remuneration.The Labour Code of the Russian Federation Law provides the basic annual leave the employee, additional paid leave (eg, training), maternity leave, child care.

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This article describes how to charge a vacation in the casecare worker in the main annual holiday.

standard charging scheme selling

To determine the amount of vacation pay to be paid to the employee before his departure on vacation, calculate its average earnings for the current period.The settlement period in this case recognized the last 12 months, the employee spent on the place.If a person goes on vacation from November 10,

the billing period will be considered as the time from November 1 last year by 31 October of the current.

When calculating vacation the first thing you need to sum up all the payments to the employee in the 12 months.This takes into account all payments on salary by piece-rates, percentage of sales, allowances and bonuses.Not to be considered paid by financial aid, power compensation, travel, leisure, and so on. N. The resulting sum is divided by 12 (number of months) and get the average monthly salary.This figure is divided by 29.3 (the average number of days per month, excluding holidays) and it turns out the average daily wage.If a person goes on vacation for 28 days, the average daily earnings multiplied by 28 and get the payment amount as a holiday.

Calculation of vacation when incompletely spent billing period

ideal situation described above, when the employee worked full the expected period, there is not always.A person could be on vacation, a business trip to the hospital.This time as the waste is not counted.This creates a situation where at least one month is not fully worked out.In this case, the average daily wage is obtained by dividing all of the accrued benefits on the number of days actually worked.How many days are accrued holiday pay in this case?For example, 11 months fully worked out, then the number of days worked during this time will be 11 * 29.3 = 322.3.

number of working days in the incomplete month is defined as follows: 29.3 ratio divided by the number of calendar days in the month and multiplied by the number of days actually worked.Let us add to this figure 322.3 and obtain the number of days worked per year.Now, knowing the salary for the year and the number of days worked, we can calculate the average daily earnings and the amount of holiday pay.

Example of accrued vacation

person before granting him leave to 28 days spent in the company of 10 full months from November to August and 20 days in September.During this time, he was credited with a total of 310,000 rubles.Number of working days: 29.3 * 29.3 10 + 30 * 20 = 312,53

  • Selling: 310 000: 312.53 * 28 = 27 773,73

Holiday shall be paid no less than the man,than three days before the holiday.

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