What consumes the refrigerator ?

What consumes the refrigerator ?

If the house is crammed with appliances from "a" to "I", and electricity per month to pay a decent amount, then there is no doubt that every third kilowatt consumed falls on the share of the refrigerator.And if the house in terms of electrical supply, modest, the share spent electric refrigerator unit is, and even more.

Classes on energy consumption

And no wonder.After all, it is the only device that is always energized and working without breaks and weekends.This fact has caused increased attention worldwide to the question, how much electricity the refrigerator uses.To this end, the whole system was implemented electrical division into classes depending on the amount of electricity consumed.

They are written in Latin letters from A to G, and denote the energy efficiency in comparison with the average level of the instrument, and are expressed as a percentage.The most efficient refrigerators are considered marked:

  • A - 55-75%;
  • B - 75-90%;
  • C - 90-100%.

greatest amount of power consumed by

the device G-Class - 125%.Depending on how the refrigerator consumes calculated index value of the energy efficiency.

How many "eats" refrigerator

Status refrigerator contains all sorts of technical information.Here, the data on its energy consumption is given for the year.Most often, in our market meets machinery to the value of this index in the range of 230-450 kW.Do not think for a long time, how to calculate the average daily consumption of: dividing the available in the passport number on the 365 days, we obtain 0,63-1,23 kW / day.But this theoretical calculations.Experience has shown that they often do not correspond to reality, and a refrigerator consumes more.

Explanation of most manufacturers, more than expected: such data are designed for ideal conditions for the refrigerator, when the temperature does not rise above 18 ° C.

temperature Influence

temperature does significantly affect the energy consumption refrigerators.Experiments proved that the temperature drop to 16-17 ° C implies reduction of power consumption of refrigerators in 1,5 times, and raising the temperature to 30 ° C - an increase of 2 times.

Therefore, today, a whole industry that is engaged in energy-efficient products.After all, no matter how much energy consuming refrigerator, much of it is used to recover the losses accumulated cold.It is not only the opening-closing door, but leakage through the errors in the connections and seals.

leading companies developing new technologies and materials of painting.It is known that silver or stainless steel casing made, less heat conductivity than the other.To date, the development does not stop in the field of thermal insulation.