Fancoils : what is it?

Fancoils : what is it?

Many people use air conditioning in the summer heat.Air conditioning set at home, in factories and offices, so staff had to work comfortably.However, in stores that sell air conditioners, air conditioners can also be in addition to see and such a thing as a fan coil.Looking at this equipment, a normal person does not see the difference between an ordinary air-conditioning and fan coil.But fan coil performs a very important function in the room.

consider in more detail what it is "fan-coil", how it works, unlike conventional air conditioning system, and that this chiller-fan coil.

What fan coil

word "fan coil" came to us from the English language and contains in its composition of two words: «fan» - fan and "coil" - a heat exchanger.This device regulates the air in the room.As the name implies, it consists of a fan coil fan, heat exchanger and filter.

Ambient air enters the indoor fan coil heat exchanger and then either heated or cooled depending on the ambient temperature and device program.To

solve the problem of ventilation, fan coils are often connected to a central air conditioning, which supplies fresh air fan coil.

Types fan coil

  • wall;
  • cassette;
  • channel;
  • wall, ceiling;
  • unpackaged;
  • housing floor.

The most common indoor use duct fan coil units, housing and unpackaged.

However, fan coil units can not themselves cool the air.Without additional fan coil equipment can only heat it.For cooling chiller used - a special cooling machine for fan coil.Next, consider more system chiller-fan coil.

system chiller-fan coil system

chiller-fan coil often consists of the following elements:

  • Chiller - a refrigeration unit that cools the liquid, as water which is used more often.
  • pump or pumping station for large systems is used to drive the cooled liquid to the fan coil units.
  • Air cond, which is used to regulate the air in the room.
  • pumps for circulating the coolant inside the fan coil unit and back to the cooling system.
  • boiler.
  • duct system if large room or need to control the air in several rooms or even in the building.
  • devices that regulate the flow and temperature of the surrounding air is analyzed.
  • piping system for air circulation.
  • management system that lets you manage the entire system chiller- fan coil in a building or room.

This chiller-fan coil system can be installed in any room or building, because there is no universal scheme configuration of the device.It can be adjusted to the specific conditions.

Any chiller can also be connected to several fan coil units to supply coolant to the other rooms, however, are often installed in large buildings enormous single system of several coils and chillers.Management of the system is engaged in a particular person or a computer automated system.

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