How to count the days of vacation ?

How to count the days of vacation ?

The idea is that a vacation is put to any employee of the company or enterprise which has worked there for 11 months.But it happens, and so that people take for this time leave without pay or a working woman, for example, sit with your child.In such situations it is necessary to calculate the selling experience.Consider a specific example, how to calculate the number of vacation days.

What is included in the holiday experience

To properly calculate the vacation days, you have to know what periods should be included in the selling experience, and what - no.

Throughout the working year vacation at his own expense, that exceeds 2 weeks (meaning 14 days), as well as on parental leave shall not be included in the holiday experience.In addition, of course, it does not include the days on which the person was absent from work without a valid reason.Also, do not count the days, when he was suspended from his job duties for one of the reasons stipulated by the Labour Code.

The holiday experience includ

es the following periods:

  • period of actual work;
  • a time when people did not work after the fact, but held a specific position on the job;
  • period when the employee was suspended from work for no fault of their own (medical examination is mandatory);
  • dismissal contrary to the law or the suspension, followed by reduction, involving truancy no fault of their own.

Periods of illness and past holidays with pay should also be included in the holiday experience.and it includes at least 2 weeks of vacation at his own expense, calculated at 1 year of work.

formula for calculating

If you're wondering how to count the days of vacation, you need to know about a simple formula for calculating.According to her, you must complete the annual leave in days divided by 12 months, multiplied by the number of months worked and subtract the amount received from the number of holidays.Importantly, month worked assumes more than half of one working month.

Therefore, it appears that if the annual leave days is 28 days, the employee worked 11 months and spent 10 days of vacation, the settlement scheme would look like this:

  • 28: 12h11-10 = 15,6

turnsthat the number of calendar vacation days the employee - 16 (15.6 rounded up to 16).

you our article will be useful and how to calculate vacation in dismissals.