How to create a schedule of holidays ?

How to create a schedule of holidays ?

Before each head of the company at the beginning of the year is a serious question about how to make the holiday schedule for his subordinates.An exhaustive answer can be obtained by reference to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

main provisions

According to the legislation, the holiday schedule is determined by the employer, but it must be taken into account the opinion of the trade union.The chart indicates the order in which workers get paid leave.The only exception is individuals who work at the company, as in this case, the question decided by mutual agreement.The duration of the leave may not be less than 28 calendar days, as specified in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

holiday schedule must be approved no later than 14 days before the new year, that is, the deadline is 17 December.

If the company consists of several departments, each of them can make your own vacation schedule, but they must be combined into a summary document of the organization.

During scheduling vacations must be taken into account the wishes of employees, the specifics of the enterprise, as well as legal requirements.As a rule, workers prefer to relax in the summer, so often it is necessary to correlate the data requirements of the legislation.

According to the law, are primarily determined by holiday workers with the necessary experience to use it.Newly hired employees are entitled to leave after 6 months of continuous work for the employer.If for any reason the employer still wants to grant leave to such an employee, you must have the appropriate application from it.The law also specified groups of employees who the employer is, in any case obliged to provide a vacation before they will work 6 months.All other cases of holidays specified in the collective agreement, agreement or other legal act.

For employees who combine work in several organizations, paid leave is granted at the same time as the holidays at the main place of work.That is why it is important to clarify the holidays before drawing up the holiday schedule.It is also worth separately specify the desired holiday time employees, who are studying or planning to admission to educational institutions.

Before you correctly to make the schedule of holidays, you must determine the duration of the holiday, to know whether the employees entitled to extended and additional holidays, as well as their duration, to know whether the employee does not wish to use parts of the holiday.

Not recommended timing worker output in the middle of the holiday, the beginning or end of the year.It would be better if these dates are spread evenly throughout the year.It is estimated that every month on vacation may be only 10-30% of the total number of employees.

Scheduling vacations

If you do not know how to make the schedule of holidays, the sample on the Internet will help you to deal with this problem.Drawing up the schedule of holidays, you need to take into account the operational and financial capacity of the organization, as well as its specificity to the normal operation of the organization was provided, ie all financial, operational and other plans were carried out, as well as make effective management.

usually the prerequisite number of employees to perform major works agreed with the labor department of the organization.In drawing up the vacation schedule will certainly need to consider all the plans of the company in the first place - industrial and financial.At a time when the company increases production in the workplace should be more workers.

How to create a schedule of holidays?In some plants, whose work is seasonal (eg, building or selling heating technology), the practice of collective vacations in the summer for the key personnel.At the same time it continues to implement located in the warehouse products.Also collective summer vacation characteristic for educational institutions.But in this case it is necessary to properly distribute the order in leadership positions of workers leave to the summer period did not decrease the effectiveness of management.

Often the order granting leave may depend on the financial capacity of the enterprise, ie the ability to pay holiday pay in a certain period of the year.In this connection there is need to create reserves to pay for working holidays throughout the year.The value of the allowance organization defines itself by planning finances for the year.So each month reserve is charged 1/12 of the required amount.This simple method allows you to take care of providing vacation benefits.

Form vacation schedule

Form vacation schedule is approved by the Russian legislation.vacation schedule blank sample can be found on the Internet, there is and filled with samples for purposes of clarity.

vacation schedule shall be endorsing the heads of personnel services, departments, and be approved by either the head of the organization, or by an authorized person.How to make grufik holidays?In approving the holiday schedule you must:

  • send to the elected body of the trade union vacation schedule project.
  • not later than five working days from the date of receipt of the draft, the trade union shall send to the employer in writing a reasoned opinion on the project.
  • In case of disagreement with the draft should be offered measures for improvement, which the employer must either accept or within three days to consult with the union to reach a compromise.

The employer has no right to change the schedule of holidays without getting their consent employees whose holidays are changed.Necessary changes in the schedule are made when transferring to another time, shift holiday time, as well as in other cases stipulated by law.At the same time in the schedule must state the reasons Transfer vacation, as well as the period for which it is transferred.

When making new employees after approval vacation schedule into it to make changes.Based on the vacation schedule drawn up orders or orders for leave, that is the need for a statement from the employee is not present.Every employee must be familiar with the holiday schedule.This can be done by any method available to the employer.