What is the difference Multivarki ?

What is the difference Multivarki ?

wonderful invention - multivarka - has firmly entered into the everyday life of modern housewives.These multifunctional assistant cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes, with between different models, there are many differences.

know what is the difference between Multivarki.

Differences multivarok apart

electronic filling

Multivarki equipped with a microprocessor, which controls the cooking.can be found between 4 and 6 programs in the more expensive models in the most simple - from 8 to 16, in particular expensive - from 18 to 24. The number of special modes directly affects the cost of Multivarki, so if you need to cook mostly simple dishes, such that the standardprograms, such as roasting, stewing, boiling and pilaf would be sufficient.

However, if your family love, for example, yogurt is no need to separately purchase yogurt, you can take multivarku with such a function.Therefore, before purchasing this appliance, read the needs of their families and consider the availability of all

necessary programs for your favorite delicacies.

Multivarki also may differ by the presence of a manual timer and temperature control, which is convenient when cooking on their own recipes.There are differences on the maximum possible time delay start.On this topic we recommend the article lamenting our site How to cook multivarka.

volume multivarok

Multivarki different volumes.The most popular - 2.5-5 liters, designed for the average family.However, there are commercially available and less Multivarki (1 L), and more (6 to 10 liters) volume.When selecting spaciousness should consider the number of portions required for one preparation, and also that a useful amount Multivarki somewhat less common.When purchasing please specify exactly what amount is specified in the description.If it is a general, then subtract this figure from 400 ml and get the useful volume Multivarki.

Material bowl and its cover

following differences - material and cover the bowl.In the manufacture of pots for multivarok used layering technology using high-strength aluminum alloy.But, stainless steel bowls can be found in some models.And in fact, in either case a thick bottom of these receptacles, which allows to avoid deformation and promotes uniform temperature distribution inside Multivarki.

special role played by covering the bowl.Its quality life of the appliance depend.For example, a classic non-stick coating of Teflon are less resistant to mechanical damage, unlike ceramic having a high rate of wear and a longer operation period.

type of heating element and power Multivarki

Multivarki may have different types of heating elements.In some models of the heating resistances are responsible, in others - induction.The first option is often used in low cost devices, it is more slow and not very economical.Induction saves time, energy and extends the functionality Multivarki ability that naturally moves in her high-priced devices.

Differ not only the type, but also the number of the heating elements.The figure varies from one - set in the bottom of the device, up to a few - in the bottom, sides and even in the lid (the so-called 3D technology).

On power standard values ​​are in the range of 500-800 watts, but you can find both smaller and more powerful.


No less important indicator for many - look multivarok - also has differences.Designers from different companies have tried their best and provided a choice of different customers design of the kitchen helpers, performed in a wide color spectrum.Choose the required parameters for multivarku-functional, power and design - Today there is no trouble.

Read more about the pros and cons of the article will tell Multivarki What good multivarka.

multivarok difference from pressure cookers, steamers and aerogrill

multivarok addition to modern kitchens can be pressure cookers, steamers and aerogrili.All these devices are undoubtedly very useful and practical, but they are distinguished from multivarok more narrow spectrum of action.Instead of purchasing these devices separately, you can buy a single device - multivarku with cooker functions, steaming, frying and baking.This significantly saves budget and place in the kitchen.

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