What good aerogrill ?

What good aerogrill ?

Aerogrill can rightly be called the heir to a real Russian oven.The design of it is simple: a glass container (located on the plastic base), which is covered with an airtight lid, which is mounted heater and fan.Control Panel Output.As compared with conventional ovens and ranges, aerogrill consumes less electricity.To cook food in Aerogrill use stream of dry hot air.Driven by a fan, it is distributed in a glass container in all directions.This continuous movement of air creates a specific vortex that blasted dish from different sides and heat it, just as it happens in the Russian oven.Let's find out what is good aerogrill?

About pluses aerogrill

  • When cooking food in Aerogrill warmed uniformly, to the sides of the pan does not stick, do not burn.Dishes to oil is not necessary.
  • products that you produce are very useful in Aerogrill as retain the majority of vitamins and minerals.Carbohydrates are not destroyed.Products prepared in this way also contain a minimum of fat.
  • food in Aerogrill not su
    bject to rough heat treatment, therefore, more easily absorbed by the body.From fish and meat products during cooking drips out excess fat (its amount is reduced by almost two times).Therefore, dishes prepared in Aerogrill undoubtedly useful for people of any age: the elderly, children and people leading a healthy lifestyle and watching their figure.
  • One of the features aerogrill is that while you can cook several dishes.The glass bulb has several grids, on which you can install the dish with several dishes.
  • timer, which is equipped with aeerogril, he shut off the appliance after it completes the cooking process.Therefore, your presence in the kitchen entirely optional.

About cons aerogrill

We learned aerogrill than good, now let's talk about the shortcomings.

  • volume flasks limited (large turkey will not fit)
  • Baking in Aerogrill out not the best quality
  • When cooking bulb gets very hot (for small children it is dangerous)

As used aerogrill

Theoretically, we can say,aerogrill that can replace all the appliances used for cooking in the kitchen, from a toaster or a double boiler and ending with a hob and oven.

  • Aerogrill can be used for cooking meat, vegetables, cereals.Use for this all sorts of ways: stewed, baked, or grilled tantalized using.
  • Aerogrill also used for frying meat, dried berries and fruits, seeds roasting, smoking, heating dishes and even to sterilize jars.
  • In Aerogrill get great barbecue.When cooking it is not necessary to turn, and he is preparing a little more than half an hour.
  • Aerogrill also perfect for use in the country.