What to do in the decree ?

What to do in the decree ?

Maternity leave only very tentatively be called tempering.In fact, taking care of the baby - the work is not easy.It may seem that women do not know what to do in the decree - because they have completely free time.In practice, however, things are different - household chores take up too much time.Therefore, our article covers not primarily about what to do with your spare time, and how to find a way to escape from everyday routine associated with cooking, cleaning, feeding and childcare.

Before you decide what to do in the decree, decide for yourself what you want: restore the form, do further training or to help her husband with the additional income to the family budget.

Go online

courses now on the Internet there is a wide variety of free and paid online courses in different areas.It is very convenient, because thanks to the Internet, you will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge or develop existing skills and knowledge, without leaving home.Decide on occupation will help the site to

gather information about various online classes.

be engaged in needlework

good way to distract and relax - to start doing something with his hands.You can sew toys for a child or knit clothes for him, and can try to express themselves in creative work, embroidering pictures.To that prefer.Now very popular are such hobbies as soap-making, quilling, scrapbooking, decoupage, beading, etc.

learn a foreign language

If you have some free time, the best solution, as it is possible to use it -.. Cultivate.Try to learn some new language or try to recover the knowledge acquired at school.You can either enroll in any foreign language courses in your town or hire a tutor and learn the language of their own home with audio books, textbooks and various aids.

Join a gym or fitness

After delivery, many women have trouble going back to the old form.Even if you can throw a few kilos, you always need to exercise to regain muscle tone and restore elasticity to the skin.If you have with whom to leave the child for a few hours, buy a subscription to the gym, swimming pool, yoga, Pilates, or any other fitness.If you can not permanently leave the child unattended, try to do at home: sell special video courses for home aerobics, yoga, etc. They can also be downloaded from the Internet...


If you are interested in, what to do at home on maternity leave to benefit the family budget, try new for yourself teleworking opportunities.Think about how you can use their skills for a temporary part-time work from home.If nothing comes to mind, look for a job the operator of phone calls, online consultant, recruiter or HR manager or try yourself in network marketing - these jobs do not require any special knowledge.

What would you do, in any case it will help you to escape from everyday problems.With a small child it does not always have the opportunity to go to a cafe, a restaurant, cinema or even just for a visit.Constant sitting in the four walls of a negative impact on the psyche and the atmosphere in the family.Even if you think you do not have enough time for everything, believe me - once you start something to do, while this case you will be found.

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