What good multivarka ?

What good multivarka ?

modern kitchen is abundantly filled with various devices that greatly facilitate the work of housewives.More recently came into use a device called - multivarka.So still multivarka than good?Try to understand.

  • multivarka - it is an electrical device, in fact, very similar to a conventional pan.However, unlike the pan, the device has a number of functions.With food you can cook using Multivarki steamed and stewed, oven, and of course, cooking.
  • Multivarki All are equipped with a timer delay, that is, the hostess can prepare food in the evening, set the timer, and in the morning to get a freshly prepared breakfast.And if you want to soak up the beds, then multivarka after cooking, will go into periodic heating mode courses (12 hours), in other words, you will not be able to if they wanted to miss a delicious hot breakfast.
  • Multivarki The inner surface has a special non-stick coating, which, incidentally, perfectly clean.What can be cooked in multivarka?For example, it is possible to make an omelet
    , which will turn a lush and juicy.Soups are obtained very richness and stewed about a couple of meat dishes, fish and risotto did not even have to talk.Multivarka perfectly prepare porridge with milk, ruddy bakes pies, various cakes, apple pie and more.
  • multivarka - is a multifunctional device that does not take much space in the kitchen, but it takes on a huge amount of work.Steamer has a special patented steam valve, which helps to avoid the so-called "escape" a meal.

Currently, the market represented a sufficient range of steamers.You can easily select the right device, designed for a certain number of people in the family (the volume of 2.5-5 liters), and steamers vary widely in price, depending on the brand manufacturer, design and additional functionality.However, it should be noted that everyone can find the device on your financial capabilities.

multivarka or steamer

modern market, is ready to offer a huge range of devices.Now compare the two devices, and see who wins - multivarka or steamer?What's better?To be honest, this question wrong.If we look at the issue superficially, it seems that multivarka better because it includes a feature steamers.And if you understand this question, it becomes clear that in terms of cooking for a couple of wins steamer, as it is specialized in the preparation of such food.Here it is necessary to set priorities, and will put them in their own way.

multivarka or aerogrill

So, you can ask more questions and compare the two devices again, see who this time will be the winner.Aerogrill or multivarka?What's better?Like the previous one, this issue is not entirely correct, as the devices are not interchangeable.Rather, they complement each other.Aerogrill - a kitchen appliance that operates on the principle of convection, ie the products inside are treated to hot air from all sides, and the heating element of the instrument is placed in the upper part of the instrument.We can say that aerogrill combines, in some way, the functions of the oven, a microwave oven and grill.

same principle works Multivarki completely different - the heating element located at the bottom of the device, it allows a comparison with the usual pan, with the blowing function on the sides.The result is that multivarka combines steamer and conventional pan.The advantage over aerogrill multivarka - is the speed of cooking and a well-implemented function of roasting and baking products, but aerogrill loses in terms of steaming food.

must say that aerogrill and multivarka - a duo of excellent assistants in the kitchen.Together, they can work wonders.But this is not limited to our comparison.Let's try to answer one more question - which is better multivarka or pressure cooker?

multivarka pressure cooker or pressure cooker

- a pot that allows to cook food very quickly from virtually any product.Cooking is carried out at an elevated pressure in the boiling water.This helps to keep ready meals, about 85% of various minerals and vitamins.In addition, in the process of cooking, the smell of it remains inside the pressure cooker that is very pleasing, especially when cooking with onions or garlic.Especially important in the kitchen is not equipped with hoods.

In a pressure cooker, you can cook for a few minutes lovely pilaf, fragrant roast, delicious vegetables, filled with vitamins and much more.Pressure cooker - a kitchen appliance for rapid cooking healthy, light and delicious food in the steamer enhanced flavor and aroma of dishes.

Food cooked in a pressure cooker, perfectly preserves the nutritional properties of products that are easy to digest.A pressure cooker is suitable for lovers of light and natural food, but sometimes not averse to enjoy the pleasures of the feast.Again, we can not say which is better - multivarka or pressure cooker.These are two good kitchen appliance.

Advantages and disadvantages Multivarki

summing up some results, mention should be made about the pros and cons of Multivarki.The device has a large number of modes for cooking.In multivarka can bake, boil for a couple, simmer and cook simply.The presence of a delay timer does multivarku very practical and comfortable.

Among the shortcomings worth mentioning for a long time cooking, even in comparison with cooking on the stove.Cooking soup may take 40-50 minutes, which is not very good, when there is no time to waste.Of course, in some ways this deficiency may offset deferred timer on, well, about the principle of "plug and forget" we must not forget.Although it is not fully realized here, because sometimes you need to come and report products (for the preparation of some dishes with a change of mode).

Another disadvantage, not only Multivarki, and all of the above devices - it is possible to prepare only one dish at a time, that is, set lunch is canceled.Well, about the preparation of the PA pair is worth repeating - this device is still not entirely for this.

Ideally you should have in your kitchen all appliances, which were discussed and will be happy!