Where to invest Ruble ?

Where to invest Ruble ?

For most people, the basic income is a monthly salary.Most often, it is only enough to hold out until the end of the month.Of course, you can get another one job, and it is possible to save a certain amount of their capital and invest properly.Below you can find out where to invest Ruble to get a good extra income.

Where can I invest Ruble

equity investment need to consider carefully, otherwise you can go without them or get very small dividends that will not be worth the effort.Consider a few popular ways.

Passive investment

Pretty good income bring the so-called passive investments.These include bank deposits, investments in precious metals.In this case, the means are entrusted to the bank, and the person can not affect the investment result.Of course, this method has its advantages: no need to keep track of your money, do everything a stranger, and you get a percentage.It's pretty easy, but does not bring a very large income, especially if a small deposit.More tips on investing funds at in

terest can be gleaned from this article - Where to invest money at interest.

Keeping money in foreign currency

Many people keep their savings in foreign currencies - US dollars, euros.It's quite an attractive offer, as they grow, and therefore rubles have become higher.However, we should not forget that the recession and you will lose their savings may occur, and not earn much on foreign currency rates as sharp jumps are rare.Moreover, to make good money on it, you need to have a decent amount.


on accumulated rubles can buy shares of any company.As a result, every year it will be possible to receive dividends.That's just the company you need to choose carefully, you first need to become familiar with its activities and to learn about its earnings.It is better to buy 1-2 stocks a large company, which operates in the market for a long time than the 10-20 small.So you're sure to get good dividends at the end of the year.


If you managed to save a small amount of money, a good idea would be to put it in the PAMM-account.This type of investment funds appeared on the expanses of the Internet not long ago.The whole point of this investment is to ensure that you trust their money to professional traders.He, in turn, is involved in commercial transactions, thereby increasing your money.If successful doing things a trader can increase the initial payment of 40%.However, it may lose it, so the choice of a person who will manage your funds, must be approached carefully.He must have a lot of experience on the market, or your income will be minimal.

for investing in the PAMM-account you will need a minimum of 100 000 rubles.However, the skillful trader can easily increase their capital.Just a few ideas about investing their funds can be found in our article Where to invest 100 thousand and a million Where to invest.

Land and property

If you are afraid of losing their money, you can choose a more secure investment options.For example, you can buy land for resale.However, this can be called a long-term investment, because the need to wait a few years until your purchase does not grow up in price.You should also buy the land in good areas, whereas the land could be sold under the business and get a good income.For this reason, it should be good to think of their purchase to later not stay for nothing.

You can also invest in real estate, because it is always a price.You are in any case after a few years it will be able to profitably sell, especially if the property is located in a good area.

Investing in education

initial investment is best done in their own education.After all, new skills will eventually get a better paying job, which means that your income will be higher.For a certain period of time you can save a decent amount of money that is already possible to invest in attractive projects.Moreover, it is possible to learn investing money, so you can best protect their own contributions.

Investing in existing business

To profit, you can use quite risky decisions.For example, money can pour into the business, enough to apply to a company liked the proposal to enter into a share.In this case, you can invest in the business via investment funds or pour money into ideas of business, including their own.In the first case, you will be more protected, because you lose money will be difficult.However, in this case will not be high revenue.If you invest in a company, the dividends may be high, but the risk of losing everything as big.Tips for investing money in the business, can be found in our article in which business to invest.

Own Business

Remember that you are able to do well.You may have a great mechanic, so you can open a small auto repair.Over time, your business will go uphill, and you can earn good.If you have the talent to make people beautiful, open image studio.Are you a handyman?Open Office in the housing sector.After all, many people need help with plumbing, electrician, painter.

With proper business management and knowledge of the business will be able to quickly get up and get a good profit from their activities.Profitably invest their own money you can help our article Where to invest money.

can earn a non-standard ideas.If you are creative and like crafts, a good option would be to open a small shop and sell exclusive clothes and accessories.People like unusual things, and your creativity will soon become popular.If you love to cook, go to a small restaurant or cafe.If you have a dream, that is, in your opinion, can bring you income, risk and try to implement it.Invest your money wisely;In this you can help our article Where to invest 500 000.