Things to do on maternity leave ?

Things to do on maternity leave ?

Many expectant / new mothers think with horror of those weeks and months, that they will have to spend at home, tirelessly caring for the baby and doing housework.However, if you try to fill the time before and after childbirth interesting to you matters, then it will run silently.

Things to do before giving birth?

Going on maternity leave, many women who are accustomed to lead an active business life, uncomfortable - they are afraid of the idea of ​​monotonous, boring life in the 4 walls.However, this is absolutely not true.At least in your hands to organize the free time the way you want it.

  • Fitness, yoga for pregnant women.One of the best ways to take part of the free time is very useful for health matter.However, these classes do not suit you, if there are medical contraindications - consult your doctor!
  • Courses for moms.Similarly, if you are ready for the birth of your baby?Do you know how and what needs to be done to ensure that the baby is really competent care?If not, what courses - yo
    ur choice.
  • Cooking.Today it is fashionable to cook delicious, sophisticated cuisine.If your culinary skills are limited to pasta with meatballs, the maternity leave - the perfect time to expand the boundaries of their knowledge.
  • Crafts.Many mothers are happy to sew for their kids different garments, beautiful bedding, dolls.Why do not you learn this skill?
  • Reading.Finally, you have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the sensational new books in recent years.Do not forget about the literature on child care and education, after the appearance of a baby to understand the intricacies of you do not have time.
  • Community, hiking guests.After the birth of a baby to walk freely you will not succeed - because the child will need someone to leave or have to take it with you (in a stroller, a sling), and it is not very convenient.So enjoy the freedom while you have it.
  • shopping.You do not have much time for the final preparations for a baby.Buy in addition all the necessary.

What to do after the birth?

As a rule, the question of what to do on maternity leave after giving birth a woman does not arise, because all the time you give your child.However, when the crumb is already a little older, become more independent, you have a chance to pay attention to:

  • restoring health, the figure after giving birth.Topical issue for the majority of young mothers.If you get to the gym is still difficult, but at least get your hands on an effective set of exercises or buy a treadmill and are regularly engaged on it.
  • Work.wife leave for child care becomes quite difficult financially for the family's ordeal.To help her husband, you can apply for a temporary part time.It will be very convenient freelance - to work through the Internet without official labor unit.For example, you can write custom text (copywriting, rewriting) or make transfers.Find customers can be on the stock exchanges of freelancing.
  • Study.If after leaving the decree you are planning to change the type of activity, it is possible that in the maternity period you will be able to enroll in appropriate courses and learn new skills, such as hairdresser, makeup artist or photographer.

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