What better Multivarki ?

What better Multivarki ?

Choosing multivarku in store you should definitely offer options such as a steamer or aerogrill.In order to select the desired requires at least a minimal knowledge of what each of the instruments, and then decide what is best Multivarki.

What multivarka

As the name of the unit, it can be understood that multivarka means a lot of options for making boiled or stewed dishes.It combines the function of pots and steamers.In this device, the heating element is at the bottom, and the air flow over the pan rises, enveloping products.It is possible to prepare whatever your heart pleases, and all the dishes are very tasty.It is also a positive point in multivarka is the availability of heating function.

negative side of the unit is a vapor that escapes from under the lid.You have to be very careful not to burn yourself.Another drawback is that, despite the fact that while the utility of this device is not very good deep fried foods.


It heating element located at the top in the lid.There is

also a fan, through which warm air is propagated throughout the flask aerogrill.This arrangement allows the unit to heat the forthcoming dish uniformly from all sides.Sometimes the unit is compared with the Russian stove.Cooking Products placed on the grid.This allows hot air to circulate and evenly warm and cook food.In Aerogrill can cook any dish, even something baked in pots or make cakes.

aerogrill We have a downside.Yes, the device is different, well-roasted products.Here only the use of such products is much smaller than those that were prepared in a double boiler.Also worth noting is the severity aerogrill compared with other appliances for cooking food, as well as its strong heating.Therefore, children should not be located next to the bulb.


If you find out that it is better Multivarki, in this case we can say that the steamer did not better.From the name of the device itself it is clear that heating and cooking foods occurs due to hot steam, which is generated by heating water in the lower container unit.This is a great boon for people who have a stomach ulcer or gastritis, or for those on a diet.But the taste of cooked dishes poor.Save the situation can only add seasoning, sauces, but they carry a lot of calories and bad bad digestible components, so the meaning of diet is reduced to zero.In addition, flows of steam escaping unsafe.

also the negative side of the steamer is that it works "on the water", ieif in the process of cooking it ends, you will need to stop the cooking and pour the right amount of water.In some models steamer can pour the water itself.The use of water always means that the heating element will become dirty scum that needs to be removed from time to time.

As for the positive aspects, the pressure cooker is designed for two types of operation.When one takes place defrost food at another - cooking products.There steamers that allow disinfection of baby bottles, as well as to reheat.Dishes that will prepare steamer, characterized by a large utility.

Choose for

Regarding the choice of the needs, it is better to Multivarki, the simple answer is no.As can be seen, aerogrill, steamer and multivarka although intended for food products, at the same time are completely different devices.The choice depends on how your family eats, and what you want to achieve.

So, if you love cereal, stews, choose multivarku.If you care about health, but at the same time like to eat, you'd better buy aerogrill.If someone from the family there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, instead Multivarki better to buy a double boiler.