How to spend a million ?

How to spend a million ?

I think everyone is dreaming of a big amount of money (of course, if it had not).Most often, the reason that comes to mind is one million dollars.Yes, a million - it is good, and even better when he was not alone.Then there is a great temptation to spend some of them.Let's assume that you have only one million.In this case, the situation requires you to know exactly how to spend a million and receive a good income from it after.

  • bank deposit.Your task - to save money, right to invest them so they work for you.Most often, the CIS citizens keep their money is in the bank.Some say that in Russia and Ukraine, the banks rely more than in the West, knowing that the risks when dealing with large banks.
  • diversification of savings.Indeed, a good way to invest million (rubles, dollars, euros) - is to distribute it to a few of the activities that he has worked on several fronts.The risk is minimal, increase in pay is good.
  • Precious metals.Where to spend a million, if not in gold or other precious metals?N
    owadays, it is often the inflation and deflation, but this does not apply to gold.
  • Shares.You can also buy shares of any good company, but it would be better to spend on them, only 30% of all investments.
  • Business.Spend a million for a good profitable business - is a great idea.Just keep in mind that the risks are always high and you need to understand in an area where choose to do business.

Now let's assume that you have a few million.Where did spend one of them?

  • Buy bed or apartment.In New York, to buy an apartment in the property - it's expensive.The apartments with two bathrooms and two bedrooms in the area of ​​90 sq.meters can cost a pretty penny, namely 1 million. or more.On the other hand, in the state of Arizona in Phoenix, for the same amount, you can find a house with a large area with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.Here is a choice!But what kind of a house without a bed?Do you want to quickly spend their money?Buy 16 beds Swedish company Hastens Vividus, each of which will cost 65 thousand dollars.And what else would of beds hand-built?
  • Play gorgeous wedding or eat ice cream.At the wedding takes a lot of money.So if you're in love, you know how to spend a million dollars.You can order a dress of fresh roses.Here, for example, the Chinese designer Xiao Fang was pleased his bride and gave her a dress from 9999 with fresh roses.Of course, she agreed to become his wife.Try it and you do that with your beloved!Well, if you do not want to much strain, take 40 friends to a restaurant Serendipity in New York, there to eat ice cream Frrrozen Haute Chocolate 3. It is, incidentally, worth 25 000 dollars for one serving.But you do not have to wrestle with in preparation for the wedding.
  • Buy car Pagani Huayra or phone.This car - a real luxury.However, you will have little to add to his million, because the cost of it - 1.1 million dollars.The machine has a 12-cylinder engine, 700 horsepower and two turbochargers.It can accelerate to 370 kilometers per hour.But, on the other hand, each person needs a mobile phone.So, you can please yourself Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot.This is a nice phone from the 45 carat gold with rare black diamonds.
  • trip around the world or spirits.With this amount of money is not difficult to visit all the most beautiful places of our planet.Look at the world, the Philippines and Australia, Dubai and Japan, Cambodia and Goa.Yes, how many can be seen!On the other hand, you can buy a perfume DKNY and be touched for a long time with a bottle of their 2909 precious stones.

Only you can decide how to spend this amount of money.But one thing is for sure, it is better not to know where to spend it, what to think, where to get them.