Where to put the money ?

Where to put the money ?

Well, when we can put off some "extra" amount of his salary.This shows that we know how to handle money wisely.But where to put the money in such a way so you do not regret it investing or spending?In our article we will try to give you a reasonable answer to this question.

Earn, collect and spend wisely

you can do as a reasonable German hostess.She always puts the savings in a separate envelope and under no circumstances do not take money from deferred, even if the going gets tough.So you can make not one, but several piggy banks for different purposes.For example, think about what you are missing in your life or what you can put off the money that is necessary for you that you will need after some time.Perhaps this is your child's learning.Nowadays, every day it becomes more and more expensive studies in higher education institutions.Therefore, if you start saving money for these purposes, you will justify their efforts, because investing in children - an investment in their future.Another opt

ion - to postpone house or cottage.Real estate is very important and will always be in the price.Therefore, buying a new apartment, you can take it and make a profit this.

You can still save money to buy the necessary things in your home or repair.If you live in a private home, you can arrange the garden, ornamental plants landed in an apartment you can replace, for example, plumbing.You can also start off on an unforgettable journey that previously you could not even imagine.For example, a trip to Goa or a trip by boat on the rivers in Scandinavia.That's fine - relive those great experience!But you need to set aside money on a regular basis.

Where take the money?Take them to a safe bank for a specific account.So you save a lot of temptation to spend money as if they were your cash at home.You can save money in a deposit account in a bank.It is also beneficial if you have money in the national currency, and you put them in a reliable bank for about a year.It is necessary to walk on banks and choose a good interest rate with the possibility of replenishment.So you can increase your score.Removing percent choose only at the end of the period: usually bet with such conditions is always the most profitable.

you have already figured out where to spend money.Take your income.Separate the amount that is spent on payment of utility bills and food, then separate the required amount for incidental expenses, and the resulting surplus fix on paper, to know how much you will save each month.So for a year, you can defer a decent amount for the embodiment of their dreams and desires.If you want to invest money, then read our interesting and useful article "Where to invest money?".