Where to invest money?

Where to invest money?

When we are living from paycheck to paycheck, we do not think about any investment, there is no money, as they say, and the head does not hurt.But when there are extra funds, there is a real problem of what to do with them?Go spend?You could, but wiser somewhere to invest the money to make it work, because we all know that the money should make money.Where better to invest the money?That's what worries those who have them.So let's list and look at the main areas of investment.

Bank deposits

Many people in Russia prefer this type of deposit.There's no great interest, but these deposits are insured by the state (up to 700 thousand).You know exactly how much will get, and nothing to lose.Often, the interest in the bank do not exceed the rate of inflation, so that in fact you stay even.

Investment Companies

Investments in investment companies - it is a relationship of trust.These companies work with the funds raised from the different markets.If you plan where it profitable to invest money, then

these companies need to be very, very careful as many of them are those who are simply engaged in fraud.However, despite the risk, invest in them is very favorable due to low input limit, but a large and predictable income.Even if you enter into a business relationship with the company, it is possible that you will not know what kind of activity it actually does.So be very careful not to get caught on the hook and not lose their money.

Investing in the PAMM - account FOREX market

This type of investment - the most profitable and progressive.This trust, in which people give their money to investors-traders in the Forex market.

You can choose yourself how to manage your money, as well as its potential yield.With the right investment and subject to certain usloviyeto direction shows a high rate of return.

Passing a course on working with PAMM accounts, you can start working on the Forex market.

Advantages of this type of investment - it's quick start, accessible to many, the opportunity to participate, even with very little capital, the absolute control of the situation, the ability to set a limit losses and close the account, change traders to quickly enter and withdraw money.Lows in the fact that Forex is still advanced, you have to constantly monitor their investments, studying the market, so as not to lose their money.

Investments in mutual funds

This is a fairly simple and affordable way to where you can invest money.They are already quite a long time remain a favorite method of savings among our fellow citizens.The returns depends on the economic situation in the country and is designed for the long term.Mutual funds and even inspire confidence because their activity is strictly controlled by our state and is governed exclusively by the laws.If the foundation be destroyed, then you have already acquired shares in any case remain with you, or you may at your option to transfer them to other units of the Fund.

course, and this type of investment has its disadvantages, among which, above all, dependent on the economic situation in the country.You can not quickly withdraw or make their money, and purchase shares may only living in large cities.

Investing in gold

Where to invest more money so that there was a high and stable income?Remember, once upon a time in the course were gold money?This is not surprising, because gold - is a value for centuries.

invest in gold today.Interestingly, the cost increases, as business in the country go to the mountain, the price of gold falls when the unstable situation in the economy, and vice versa.it has grown nearly seven-fold over the last ten years.However, these investments are very long-term, you will not make it if decide to invest for six months or a year.

What else makes the gold deposits such beneficial?The fact that the gold reserves are not infinite, and that makes it particularly valuable.

downside of this investment is that gold is not profitable to invest, if you own a medium-sized amount of money, because all your income taxes will eat.

Investing in yourself

And last, but not least - it's an investment in a loved one.These investments are advantageous in that by investing in their education, you increase their value in the labor market.But education does not mean much without practice, so theory and practice should go hand in hand.

Thus, choosing the type of investment, you need to figure out all the income and possible risks to your hard-earned money is not flowed, so to speak, through his fingers.Do not rush, consider all consult with competent people in this field.I wish you success!