How to respond to rudeness ?

How to respond to rudeness ?

People rude, rude and will be rude, a little hard to believe that it can be eradicated.Rude for various reasons, not educated, do not have enough culture, fear, protected and so on.Of course, often think about the reasons why a person you get nasty, but the first point it is important to decide how to respond to rudeness.Feeling unequal to his attitude to stand on the same level with the boor and respond in kind?Generally, it is the easiest.But much more pleasant to answer rudeness beautiful.This not only takes you (in your eyes and in the eyes ... yes, yes, cad), but also, and perhaps best of all, it's more likely to be ill-mannered to enrage your interlocutor.His goal - to touch you, to insult, to bring to the conflict.And you on here, do not go on about it.How to implement this?How beautiful to respond to rudeness?This was on.

Answering rudeness beautifully

Your main weapon - the humor and smile.Although there are situations where the Colca ironic phrase in response to rudeness can be accom

panied by quite restrained expression.However, such an answer to rudeness is necessary to use sufficient caution in dealing with people above you in status (chiefs, teachers, etc.).Of these options and discuss: the answer to the equal and when the source above status.

Ham higher status: answer

Yes, it happens sometimes, for example, short-tempered teacher or head of a very harmful in general any, from whom you are in a relationship.Laughter and jeers in response to rudeness on their part can be fraught with undesirable consequences for you.

  1. Avoiding conflict.If possible, walk away in silence.You can prevent that you'll be back when the stars will be favorable to your conversation.
  2. endless refinement.Head throws your project to the side screaming that everything is bad.You pulled a restrained expression is very calm voice ask: "What is wrong?".Actually, he should answer."Everything!" - He shouted again."In the first paragraph? Or the second? Or here ...?"In short, your task is easy and (!) Without mockery endlessly elaborate.
  3. can use humor, but again clarify - cautiously.In your words should not feel the sarcasm, the opponent does not feel the irony.
  4. consent, partial agreement.Again, depending on the situation.If this kind of rudeness that does not imply recognition of an unjust accusation (and the like), you can simply accept.For example: "Che, blind or something"- "In an ophthalmologist for a long time I was not, but all eyes recently disturbed" (also with ears).

Ham equal to us

Well, there's only pick up the situation.The main thing to remember the goal - not descend to the level of a boor, and rise above it;We do not go on about it, and manage the conversation.Here, of course, will have to work out, undermine the language is called.Humor here, after all - the main.Sometimes that humor is hard, use his rudeness was proportionate.


  • can just smile.Silently.Handsomely.
  • "I will not laugh at those on whom nature has pougarat".
  • "And you go on when you're talking about, so I can (it) smart (th) feel."
  • "Not Hami boorish, boorish."
  • "Copa someone else's life, because its not a success?"
  • "Teeth do not need to show me, I am not a dentist" or "Roth will open at the dentist."
  • "You're not so beautiful (as), to me to be rude."
  • "Che so nervous? Dropped? With a broom."
  • "I told you that do not like me? I authorize to shoot."
  • listens rudeness, smile and calmly respond (!): "And you do not have to go to the bath ...".
  • "Oh, no, where am I to you .. Another fall and fall ...!"
  • Ask: "That you are rude to me And for what purpose?"
  • to listen, and then key remark: "Is that all?" Or "Well, I'm going?" Or "Do you want to talk, or even in this exhausted your systems?", Or "... what?".
  • "Learn to think and talk at the same time."
  • "I think this exhausted your supply of stupidity, but you continue to amaze me!"
  • "To speak with you on the same level, I have to go."
  • "Please note this plinth" - point to the next, - "and remember, this is what your level."
  • "I would have sent you, but you only see there."
  • "You have only positive characteristics of the Rh factor?".
  • In response to the "Che, stupid?"- "Well, you must save the bone marrow ...".
  • "Thee Babayku a child is not frightened?".
  • In response to the "Go to ..." - "Do not worry, I'll go with orgasm" (girls).
  • "right thing to do, that giggle, with the teeth do not laugh."
  • In response to rudeness in the store (shop assistant), on the bus: simply pathetic examine the person and say, "Poor thing."

Here is how to respond to rudeness can be in different situations.Use humor, diminutive form, be affectionate with Hammami, they should only be pitied.