How to avenge her husband ?

How to avenge her husband ?

Probably every woman in his life felt resentment.However, if one is able to numb the pain and cope with the torments, the second seeks to punish the offender.

As revenge for betraying her husband

If a loved one betrayed you, there is a great desire to respond in kind.And, of course, in your circle there is a pair of men who are not averse to realize our plans.Before proceeding to such revenge mean, beware - if you will not regret in the future.

  • First we need to define clearly: you go away from the person who betrayed you and forgive your man and forget the offense;
  • In the first case, you can safely start an affair.Firstly, you will be distracted, and maybe even will find new happiness, and secondly, great annoy her husband;
  • In another case, however, this method is hardly suitable.Firstly, you jeopardize her lover: a jealous husband may maim, well, and secondly, do not play with the feelings of another man: what if he really has time to fall in love with you?

If you want to take revenge o

n her husband, then just be a happy: do not fall into depression, and the loans themselves and the children.Very soon man will realize their mistake and come to ask forgiveness.And you, in turn, decide - whether you need a man who is capable of betrayal.

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As revenge for her husband's behavior

In this section we will look at the phenomenon of systematic drinking.

great way to avenge his friendship with combustible drinks - shame the husband.

If your spouse comes home from work drunk or even disappear overnight, it is necessary to punish her husband efficient way.Normally, such a man is drunk not only on weekends but weekdays.In the morning they are going to work in a hurry, no time to even look in the mirror.

Drawing lessons

So revenge as follows

  • nakraste nails on the hands and feet bright varnish;
  • Draw mustaches resistant felt-tip pen or decorate the forehead funny inscription.

course, this smacks of childish prank, but shamed him so in front of colleagues, your man has to think about his behavior.

Earlier baldness

Another creative way of "revenge" - to shave a few of the male parts of the body with a razor, and the next morning, when my husband found a "loss" of hair, explaining that excessive drinking leads to early baldness.

Expensive gifts

This method is distinguished by a special grace.In the morning, when your man wakes up after a fun spree, throw her arms around him and start kissing.Tell me how you are pleased with expensive gifts that your husband yesterday you "gave".And do so every time after the regular drinking of your spouse.Do not forget to buy their own expensive jewelry and wardrobe items.And eye did not have time to blink as your man will think a hundred times before accepting another invitation from friends.

As revenge for her husband insults and beatings

If your spouse may offend you strong language, the first thing is to talk to him: Explain why you dislike this treatment, in the end, you're a woman.If the arguments do not help, ask for help from his mom.First, the mother is often the authority for men, and secondly, because you will touch his feelings.

If such situations occur, that your faithful raise you hand, the most effective way - to write a letter to the relevant authorities.

How can avenge her ex-husband

If you wish to take revenge on her ex-husband to show that life goes on without him.

  • Exhibit photos to social networks, where you genuinely smile and have fun with friends;
  • If your husband had a desire to get a dog, but you, for example, was not allowed, then buy a pet, and proudly walk around under his windows;
  • can spoil his car or property, but think about whether to communicate further with the police, because the former may apply for you to write.

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