As revenge girlfriend ?

As revenge girlfriend ?

When betraying a friend, I want to respond to it in kind.In this case the revenge often seems the only right decision.Below, you can learn how to avenge her friend and when it should not do.

What are my girlfriend revenge?

Revenge, of course, is not the best tool in any situation;it is best to soothe his wounded ego and try to forget negative situation.It is important to remember that revenge can regret their actions, so we must try to forgive a friend.But if you have all decided for themselves, we give examples of the ways of revenge that will not do much harm, but will allow you to feel the sweetness of reckoning.

minor mischief

revenge girlfriend can by making her minor mischief.But you need to pretend that you do not hurt her betrayal or that you do not in the know.Thus, it is possible to make fun of its flaws, to place on its own page on the social network of its most unfortunate photo, smeared her door crap add to its depilatory cream shampoo.

If you work with her, you can tell the ma

in office gossip on the big secret that your girlfriend is the mistress of the boss.Well, if he had a jealous wife, to which it is necessary to bring this rumor.

If you study with his girlfriend at school, then you can get back at her, spreading a rumor that she had an affair with a teacher.Soon this news will tell the whole school, and the enemies will be showing her finger.You can also tell the teacher that your girlfriend is smoking or using drugs.You can even throw it in a bag to put a pack of cigarettes or soft drugs.In this case, it will face at least call their parents, as a maximum - the exclusion from school.

Repel her favorite

If friends have a favorite person, try to discourage him from her.Do not think that this is very difficult, because men are very susceptible to beautiful women.Find out what a guy like friends and make it enjoyable.Try to praise him, make him a compliment, can even hint at his infidelity of his beloved.It is best to find out where it is often the case, and to meet with him "accidentally".Soon he will fall at your feet, and you will be avenged.

Tell a friend about meanness

to your friend stopped talking your friends in common, tell them about her meanness in all colors.Surely they will turn away from it, and the best that she can count - is the phrase du jour at the meeting.After all, others will be afraid that she will deal with them as well as you.Moreover, various rumors will spread, and its reputation of respectable ladies come to an end.

Black Magic

Thinking about how to take revenge for the betrayal of a friend, we can turn to magic.You can find the wizard, which will hold a special ritual, after which your enemy will be added trouble.You can also do it yourself, read the plot enough.

That's just before contact with the dark forces, think, and whether to soil oneself?Perhaps the best way to move away from friends and give fate to avenge you.This will be the best solution: as your conscience will be clear, and eventually calm down and ego.It is best to forgive the man;Of course, it is difficult, but possible.Experiencing the situation and release it.You will feel better, and friend in the future will return her betrayal.