Why naughty child ?

Why naughty child ?

At the age of one year to five years, every child is restructuring.At this time he begins to acquire a new experience, to experience acute emotional conflicts, as well as greater understanding of the various situations.That child is constantly acting up during this period, to learn that in addition to the word "yes", there is the word "no."

Pediatricians this age is called the "first age of obstinacy."The next period of obstinacy lasts from 12 to 14 years.So suddenly complaisant children become stubborn, obstinate and whimsical.They refuse to fulfill any requirement and can behave very ugly: scream, cry, stomp, throw on the floor various items to achieve the desired.

causes of these hysterical attacks are very simple, but the adult hard to recognize them immediately.And parents begin to wonder why the child is naughty.

Kid ill

child begins to act up and cry when he fell ill.Young children themselves can not understand what is happening to their body, as opposed to adults.This uncertainty sca

res baby, he not only knows what happened to him, but can not help themselves.

Changing behavior - the main sign of the onset of illness.At this point, parents should look at their child and be very polite to him, despite the fact that the child is naughty.What if persuasion does not help?Try to talk to the baby, to ask what was bothering him, why he is angry (angry, crying, etc.).Inspect if you see fit, consult a doctor.Do not self-medicate, if you feel that something is wrong.

We must be prepared for the fact that during his illness, all children are extremely capricious, and often the child is naughty night.The kid in this state can not play, to run, he lies in bed and suffering.Then he immediately turns in the spotlight.Here we must be careful.Often the child buy any sweets, toys, fruits and indulge absolutely all its whims.So the kid realizes that he is ill, parents and relatives are willing to do everything for him, he can begin to resort to simulation sickness.So the main thing for parents in this situation - do not overdo it.

Child calls for dialogue

Another reason, when a child is naughty strongly - lack (from the point of view of a child) to communicate with parents.He needs parental love.It should be noted that when the baby is surrounded by too much care and attention, he can unconsciously begin to abuse them.By the age of one year crying and screaming child can mean not only what he wants to drink or eat.

any child need to communicate, but it is not necessary to run to him at his every cry to fulfill all desires.The result can be the formation of a child's mind - with the help of a cry you can get the attention of adults to the person.Be attentive to your child, try to understand the deeper meaning of his behavior, what he really wants.Did you just ask about this child.

requirement for attention manifested in different ways.The child is naughty bedtime and needs to go to his room to put out the light and read the story.As a rule, parents meet with the words: "Stop whining!", But these replicas have no effect.After a while the child continues to do the same and even more naughty.

order to avoid breakdowns and whims, you must try to spend with your child more time to communicate with him.Kid will feel more confident and feel safe.You must use to communicate all available opportunities.If the parents are busy with household chores, and not able to communicate with your child, you should simply pay attention to the baby periodically, to tell him a couple of sentences.He will be very happy about it.

Also, do not forget that when communicating with your baby should always be natural and sincere.Children immediately feel false.Before communicating with a child each parent should tune to remove irritation and try to forget about their worries.Then, the time spent with your baby, bring joy to both of them.

You can also try to spend more family reunions.A great option - to come up with any surprises, skits, contests and other fun activities for the whole family.In addition, you can simply visit the theater, cinema or take a trip to the countryside.

Reaction to ban parents

Sometimes parents refuse your baby in something or prohibit doing what he loves.With your hand rejection reasons may be very different.The problem is how to explain to a small child these reasons.

kid often hard to understand why something is "impossible".The vagaries because of the lack of understanding, they are seen by the child as an injustice.Parents need to explain why you can not now, what might be the consequences, etc.It is not necessary at this forget about the peculiarities of the child's psyche and physiology in different periods of development.

Often parents love their child so much that they are willing to buy him too many toys.After some time, all the toys start to bother your child, and the child is severely naughty.To avoid this situation, do not give him all the toys at once, you just need to periodically change them together.

curiosity and interest in excess

By three years the baby begins to get acquainted closer with the world around him.At this time he is trying to become a full member of the family.He wants to participate completely in all domestic affairs, thereby realizing its significance.At this age, the child begins to copy the adult world, but such behavior is often suppressed.My parents still think that their child is small for certain cases.Again it turns out that the child's desire for very limited reasons unknown to him, because he is "already high".In most cases, child support is negligible, but it is not necessary to inhibit their desire for help.For example, if the mother begins to wash, you should give your child a small bowl with soap and water and allow to wash, for example, his socks.

Keep a dialogue with her baby as an adult man, let the show maturity, and if something really can not - must explain this.This position will help to reduce the symptoms capricious behavior.

Stress resistance

matter how capricious and harmful may be your child, remember that once it will still grow.You - a grown man, so the onus is on you.A small defenseless child may not understand that you get up at 7 am, and already 4 am, and that if you do not sleep enough, you will not be able to operate normally.He's just trying to tell you simple things, but their language that we adults often do not want to understand.