How to send a person beautiful?

How to send a person beautiful?

Ah, how many words there are pleasant in the Russian language!But, alas, they do not have to apply, under the ear when not annoying mosquito and exhausting said.Or worse - a fan of the hated or threatened physical violence son of a gun.What to do?How to send a person beautiful?No, the three-story or stories above the mat will not work.It would be desirable to stop the war of words, and come out the winner of the intelligent.From the spoken response, much depends: whether to continue or instigator of "diarrhea" of his words will cease to pour into your ears.We proceed from the usual mats decisive words-back.

Beautiful words can not say

Well, why not?It's just that the surest way to send beautifully without the mat.By sending obscene language on the "x" points the way people far away.So why not replace the ordinary phrase on this: "Oh, yes you the place on the Taman peninsula."That knocked out you pristavuchie interlocutor discharged pistols.He will start frantically thinking: "Where is he misha

ndled me.What for?What's wrong with that? ".And you, gently smiling, you know, that just sent it to Tmutarakan town.Famously?While there he understands that and look, and anger will pass and stupidity erode.If the caller will not calm down, it's time to send it, "You have the thicket - yes more often."The play on words, but it is after all still have to decipher the Nahal.

the stomach without hands

Guys often stick to the girls, and they are lost - do not know how to send a nice guy.Force to be measured worthless - weight classes too different.Here it is - the very time when you want to say so, that at the mouth cad automatically covered.Often in fact take out these types of trivial phrases like this: "This beautiful and single."You can fend off this way: "No, I thought with all my patients."If it is disassembled curiosity and he asked where the beautiful work, will only add: "In the morgue."Here you will transcend it exactly right so points to 10. Or pristavalschik went on even more hackneyed way: "Do you miss, my dear lady?".You will get off here this phrase from him, "Oh, I do not think so."

said as gave

clear with the guys - the ceremony is not necessary.And what do the boys themselves, if they are not bothering the girls?How to send a beautiful girl?Here the girls must be treated very carefully, otherwise you'll see her in a fit of anger, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.Why not make it a "compliment": "These have long legs, they are probably in a superb race."Nothing offensive, but you set the direction - blow away on his long.Or, alternatively: "Oh, you probably already tired of waiting for the children at home?".If it is negative waving his head, adding, "And I was a - yes."The girl only will that look at your retreating back quickly.

Subtotal such gentlemen posylalschiki: the more creative in your message, the more likely to turn nasty run-in "joke".