What are the most reliable cars ?

What are the most reliable cars ?

modern car - a complex mechanism, which is based on a number of units, assemblies and systems containing thousands of components.The car - the main form of land transport, working in a variety of road and weather conditions.

Because of the huge differences in operating conditions and the complexity of the mechanism construction, to obtain an estimate of the reliability of the car has become essential characteristic of a number of specific properties.It is not difficult to guess that the main characteristics associated with the movement.They determine the output characteristics of the systems, the basic parameters of components and assemblies.A certain level of parameters is provided in the design and construction, while it depends on operation condition of the vehicle.The smallest number of failures have always been cars manufactured in Japan and Korea, a little behind them European, and after - the US.Quality Japanese and Korean cars higher.This means that they are less prone to wear the rest.

frequency of breakdowns

  • most reliable car in the world Scion - the company's brand designed for young people "Toyota".With little margin by the brand "Lexus" - a year with a total of 9 failures, for three years - 23, for five - 32, followed by "Toyota", "Honda", "Subaru", "Mazda", "Acura"with the first three years of 10-15 failures more than the leaders, respectively, for the five years of their becoming longer by 15-20.
  • By the middle group includes cars, "Buick", "Nissan", "Lincoln", "Pontiac", "BMW", "Chevrolet", "Ford", "Chrysler" - break down into one and a half times more often during the first year,than the most reliable car brand.Within three years - two and a half times within five years - three times.
  • Most other breakdowns occur in "Volvo", "Audi", "Mercedes", "Volkswagen".

There is a pattern "Mercedes" is most often broken in the first years of operation, then the amount of damage is reduced significantly.They are very popular in Russia."BMW" break down less often than the "Mercedes", during the time of operation reliability is only growing.That's why many motorists prefer to them.Over the years, "Pontiac" and "Volkswagen lose their reliability, is increasingly in need of repair, despite the fact that in the early years they are almost not inferior to machines Japanese brands.

If you operate the car long term 8-10 years, it is bestselect Japanese or Korean cars, the amount of which breakdowns for such a long time, about a half -. two times more than the nearest European competitors With enough funds, you can choose any car that feel comfortable for themselves, the main thing that he was. made in Japan or Korea


car Here are the 10 most reliable cars in the world, according to motorists opinion:

  • «Scion»
  • «Toyota»
  • «Lexus»
  • «Mazda»
  • «Subaru»
  • «Honda»
  • «Acura»
  • «Audi»
  • «Infiniti»
  • «Kia»

Which car to choose

most crucial moment - the moment of choice.We will choose the most reliable car.On the basis of statistical processing it has been determined the most reliable car in Russia.average reliability of cars was calculated:

  • According to statistics, it has been determined what car most reliable.This "Honda" for Russia.The cheapest car can be purchased for 650 thousand rubles.
  • In second place is "Acura", in many respects similar to the "Honda".
  • Third place goes to "Scion".
  • fourth place ranking, designed to determine the most reliable car in Russia, shared the "Subaru" and "Toyota" cars, the price of which begins in the showroom of 700 thousand rubles.
  • Fifth place is occupied by "Lexus".
  • Sixth takes "Infiniti", but a person with average income does not fit this car.
  • Seventh place belongs to "Mitsubishi" - not the worst car.
  • last place ranking belong to "Porsche" and "Ford".

Now you know what the most reliable cars.This information will help to choose the best car for you.