Why can not beat?

Why can not beat?

One of the most acute social problems that are the focus of public attention at the moment - this is the problem of domestic violence.In many families, children suffer from unreasonably ill-treatment on the part of adults.The attitude to physical abuse as punishment naughty children in a dual society.In this article, we'll explain why you can not beat the children, and what negative effects it may cause.


following are the main reasons for which should not apply physical impact on the child.

you show your weakness and lose respect in the eyes of baby

When you raise your hand to the child, you thereby demonstrate its inadequacy as an educator and psychologist.The desire to resolve all issues through rough violent methods has always been considered a sign not of a great mind.If you can not get the child to do what you want it to do, without raising his hand on him - then one of you get a bad teacher.Hit every child can.This is the easiest and fastest way to get it to do anything.Howeve

r, respect and obedience from it you will not get such methods.

you can cause injury to the child

This includes both the physical and the psychological trauma.Children's body is vulnerable.Even a light slap on your mind may lead to serious and irreversible consequences.Due to the second rush your child for a lifetime can remain crippled.You can afford it then forgive?In addition, if you frequently lift a hand on your baby, you run the risk of form he has a lot of facilities and mental health problems.Children who often hit home turn in on themselves.Subsequently, it becomes difficult to communicate with the outside world and to build a good social relations.

This measure effects soon becomes ineffective

Another reason why you can not beat the child, is the fact that soon he will no longer respond to such punishment.It is human nature to get used to and adapt to the phenomenon of the reality around him.If you often raise your hand to your child, such behavior will soon become a matter of habit for him.The realization that it blows anyway not avoided, will result in the fact that as a result he will flatly refuse to do what he is told, even under the threat of physical violence.

child will reimburse children's fears on others and on you when he grows up

When children grow up in an atmosphere of constant stress, aggression and violence, as adults, they begin to perceive a pattern of behavior as the norm.It threatens the fact that they will also be arbitrarily treat the members of his family and his own children.You also do not have to rely on a calm, serene old age.Children's grievances seriously forgotten.Perhaps when your children grow up and become masters of the situation, they want to make up for everything.

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