What is the best car ?

What is the best car ?

One of the most popular competitions in which the well-known car brands vie for the title of the best cars of the world - a World Cars Awards.Each year, the winner is chosen by a vote.Trends in recent years show that the greatest chances are city cars Golf class and electric vehicles, and large brutal model year are not destiny a year.Let's look at what the car is the best, according to contest World Cars Awards for the last two years.They were Japanese and German models.

Best Car 2012

So what is the best car in 2012?It is expected the winner was very compact Volkswagen up the car, to withstand competition faster and more powerful Porsche 911 and BMW 3-Series.This victory was made possible by the European "pomeshannost" very efficient and small cars for city driving.In large metropolitan areas of the engine power is not as important as the possibility of parking on a very narrow street and economical fuel consumption.In addition, in Europe the high ground clearance is not as important, such as t

he CIS countries, as road conditions allow to use any model.

length of the car is 3540mm, the size of the boot - 251l, and with the rear seats folded - already 951l.The modest dimensions of the model make it possible, quietly accommodate, comfortably four passengers inside the cabin.The German company also took care of the development of a modified, family, five-door version of the car.

Under the hood Volkswagen up three-cylinder engine in the petrol-based, with a capacity of 60-75 hpVarious modifications to allow this car, dial 100 km / h speed of 13.2 and 14.2 seconds.This version is equipped with a five-speed robotic machine, and a five-speed manual transmission.The basic version of the subcompact car in Germany is roughly around 10,000 euros.For Volkswagen up unfortunately not yet officially on sale in the Russian Federation, we'll see what will happen in a few years.

Best Car 2011

What's the best car brand has become in 2011?The best car was the Nissan Leaf.this electric vehicle sales in the United States beat all records, making it the best-selling brand in its category.Only in June of last year in the US were sold 1708 cars of this model.

This machine is also the most popular Golf class has a spacious interior, stylish design and very rich equipment.On one battery charge the car can take up to 175 km.True, there are reservations, that the mileage of the manufacturer, may vary depending on the selected mode or Drive Eco, as well as relief from the road and the driver's style of driving.

Nissan Leaf can develop a maximum speed of 145km / h.Engine power is 109hp, regenerative braking system, which allows braking to recharge the vehicle, thus saving 10% of energy.

This car gets infected in two ways: from 400W network at a special station, it is considered a quick way, it takes about 30 minutes and a long way implies fully charged battery, which lasts for the full 8 hours.

Basic equipment of the machine includes the airbag in it's entirety, ABC, a rearview camera and a dynamic stabilization system.For this car in the solar battery, built-in spoiler at the top may be available as an option.

Top model

World Now let's look at what is the best car and the best selling in the world, namely the last five places of the top ten cars.

5th place - Ford Model T

This model has become the second best-selling car of this concern.Already it sold 16.5 million cars of this brand.It has laid a strong foundation of mass production of cars of this brand.Ford Model T was the first car assembled on a conveyor belt.Copies of this car was sold without changing the housing design.Henry Ford is one of the first based on the principle of mass production of cars - is simplicity and unification for the sake of price.Its concept is expressed in the following: the buyer can buy the Ford car, in any color, if the color is black.Paint this color is preferred by Ford because in comparison with the others, she quickly dried up.

4th place - Volkswagen Beetle

Otherwise, this car called the Volkswagen Beetle.This car holds the record, despite his fourth place.This model is one of the first broke the 20 million mark in sales, to be precise -. Is 21.5 million cars sold this brand.Notable is the fact that almost 60 years old Volkswagen beetle does not change the design of the case.The latest model of the car came off the assembly line in 2003 in Mexico.

3rd place - Volkswagen Golf

This is one of the most popular cars in the world, are very popular in all continents.Golf has experienced five runs and became the best-selling car in Europe.However, despite all efforts, the concern was not able to win the same popularity in the US market.At present, while high fuel prices, forcing many Americans to think about vehicle efficiency, allowing the German company makes a new attempt to break into the US market.This car and its sports version GTI celebrated thirtieth anniversary.To date, 24 million sold vehicles of this brand.

2nd place - Ford F-series

Which car is best to choose to ride on the roads in America?Of course, Ford F-series- ranks second honorable place in the ranking of best-selling cars in the world.This concern has already sold 25 million cars of this brand, and this car is not officially sold in Europe.This F-Series pickup truck sold by the American company of about 1 million per year, or 1 car every 30 seconds.

1st place - Toyota Corolla

Finally we'll come to the question of what car make better than the rest is sold throughout the world - is, of course, Toyota Corolla.Concern has sold more than 35 million cars, a large margin stepping down from the second place.This is the most popular car first went on sale in 1966.Japanese engineers have put into practice the concept that combines style, quality and power.This proved so successful that the vehicle is already 40 years old is in demand in the market and has experienced 9 episodes.Sales of the car are still high, which allows to predict the future in the first place for a few more years for this brand of car.

between Germans and Japanese fans there is a long-standing dispute, consists in criticism opposite automotive industry.But it is worth remembering that most of the critics on the one and on the other hand never had a country of car production, which they criticize, except their own, and are considered reliable.Therefore, in the selection of the machine is to rely on your own taste and requirements for future vehicles than listening to criticism of ardent fans.