Why give up the children ?

Why give up the children ?

frequent, unfortunately, cases of refusal of parents from their children.However, the problem is not so limited.Therefore, the article on why children refuse, we divided into two parts.The first is devoted to the rejection of the already born children, and the second - the reasons why people do not want to have children.

Why abandon their children

main reason why children refuse is frivolous attitude to motherhood and fatherhood.Such parents children usually appear suddenly, they were neither planned nor desired.A particularly high percentage of "refuseniks" among young parents (under 18 years), although it must be admitted, and at this age are very conscious mother, ready to take responsibility for the crumbs.

Often young mothers abandoning the child, because they do not want to raise him alone, as irresponsible by men who became fathers tend to "accidentally" do not want to take any part in the upbringing of the child.

The fault could be the inability of the material maintenance for the ch

ild.It is a pity that it is often understood only after the birth of the baby, which again points to the lack of seriousness and irresponsibility.

immature parents.They have not yet had time to "live for themselves" they are still children themselves, and the unborn child takes time and attention.And here it is not just about age, immaturity can be emotional.

It is important that young men and women deliberately treated the issue of conception, because it unawareness is a major cause of child abandonment.Think about the gestation and birth of a child can be only when you are absolutely sure that the baby is for you - it's the ultimate happiness.Often it turns out that the child refused after some time.Perhaps it was planned, it seemed desirable.Why is this happening?We must understand that child - it's not a cute doll, which can only play and lisp.Child Care - incredible work that requires patience.And then it becomes clear: the parents do not think about the difficulties of raising a child, did not understand them, did not realize.

Why people do not want to have children

reasons why children refuse to, we found out.And here are the options, why people do not want to have children, is much more diverse, although most of them are placed in one of the following formulas:

  • we have no money to give birth and raise a child;
  • we are so busy that the child simply will not have time;
  • we want to live for yourself, the child is not thinking;
  • I do not want to raise a child alone;
  • I followed, but the husband (wife) against.

As you can see, a lot of variants, but they all boil down to the fact that potential parents are simply not willing to take responsibility for bearing and raising children.It should be noted that this is still a conscious position, than to give birth and to quit, although saddened by the fact that the instincts of motherhood and fatherhood among many Russians fade into the background, giving way to selfish purposes.Of course, it is good that the parents first think about what they contain and raise the child.The problem is that when the funds appear, or no desire to give birth or to give birth is simply too late.My opinion: the education of at least one child of working parents have the money there always, and you can come up with excuses to infinity.