Which car is more reliable ?

Which car is more reliable ?

Every car lover wants the car went a long time, and many do not break.But then the question arises: how the car will ride on our roads?About what the car safer, tell our article.

Most people know that Japanese cars are reliable.Also, they know that they are not inferior and German cars.But what about the car brands like Chevrolet, Skoda, Renault?This Chevrolet in 2011 won the title of the most reliable brands of cars, beating rivals from Germany and Japan.The same company produces a reliable model, and very mediocre.

breakdowns in cars

According to a study conducted by German experts, the first place in the list are breakages damage electrical equipment.It:

  • defective generators and batteries;
  • fuses that burned;
  • contacts that moved, etc.

But it should be noted that our car owner such failure often resolves itself.

The second place is occupied by problems that prevent the engine starting.For example:

  • broke anti-theft device;
  • candles splashed;
  • faulty oil pump;
  • insufficient amount of
  • motor overheating.

third and fourth place - a problem of fuel supply and cooling systems, as well as the clutch and the gearbox.

fifth place - a failure associated with poor fuel and running.


The small car class often refer to employees SRT owners Renault Twingo and the Clio and the Fiat Cinquecento and the Punto.But Toyota Starlet considered the most reliable small car at the end of last year.Second place in terms of reliability - a Volkswagen Polo, and the third - Mitsubishi Colt.

worst cars of the middle class (engine displacement to 1.6 liters) are considered to Fiat Marea, Brava and Bravo.After all, these cars often get stuck on the road due to a problem with the power supply, continuity of toothed belts or burning cylinder head gaskets.Much better proven Peugeot 306 and a Ford Escort.

three prizes in the middle class occupy Japanese.The first - Nissan Almera, second - Honda Civic, third - Toyota Corolla.Fourth place - Mazda 323. The fifth, sixth and seventh places are occupied by Volkswagen, Opel and Seat respectively.

As for domestic production of cars - they have a definite plus in the fact that spare parts can be bought anywhere and repair cost is relatively inexpensive.With regard to the safety of passengers and the dates free operation - it is still very far to foreign manufacturers.

No one will tell you what kind of car the most reliable, but when buying a car, it is useful to find out where you can buy spare parts to it, and where there is a service, which the experts will be able to repair your vehicle in case of breakage.

course, buy a used "to such as all" the car is much cheaper, but, for example, if an American car can deliver the item from another car, something do not work with the Japanese car.In addition, buying a Japanese car, you will need the details of your model is, since progress is not in one place, and used different technologies in different series of the same car.Therefore, the details often incompatible.

And so, if you want a beautiful and a new car, or, conversely, a low-cost second-hand, then learn more about the brand than buy a car you.This way you will save yourself a lot of money, effort, and possibly his life.

Now you know what kind of car more reliable and can not go wrong in choosing!