How do I know how to treat you ?

How do I know how to treat you ?

Since man always considered being the collective, it is quite natural desire to successfully join the social group of people around him, to earn their respect and become an authority for them.But with the development of civilization, many people have learned to successfully hide their true feelings, hypocrite and flatter as needed.In such a situation it is difficult to understand the true emotions that your person causes others.

quite a few simple rules should be learned.Then we will understand how to find out how you are treated the people with whom you have to communicate on a daily basis on duty or in a close personal relationship.

Alphabet collective relations

First, let's just take a closer look at the others.If your appearance is open people smiling and cute greets you with kind words, mastering how was last night, most of all, he is quite positive to your person.But if meeting a colleague muttered something unintelligible through his teeth, and his face shows clearly far-friendliness o

f the ears, it is unlikely that you are in the list of people with whom he wants to communicate.

If you often notice how when your appearance people are silent and translate the conversation to another topic, your witty jokes and laughter instead call on their face rather sarcastic smile, then your credibility in this team, obviously, leaves much to be desired.More encouraging is the attitude of others, when people ask, and listen to your advice, sincerely express their thoughts on how well you have done in certain situations.Such people tend to react calmly to your fair, but not too insulting criticism that you can properly present a confused man.

Who's Who?

status of your friends simply determine if we analyze the reasons for which you are communicating, and their frequency.When a person calls you only when he has a need to get something from you, whether it be material means or kakaya-libo service, and after reaching a desired it literally disappears again for an indefinite period, then such a person consider the other is not necessary.Use others for their own gain, of course, in the spirit of the present time, but certainly not friendly.It is better to pay attention to those who, every day talking to you, is honest enough and is not afraid to point to your mistakes sometimes, while trying to help fix them;counter who shares his experiences, and can listen to you if it is necessary to restore the psychological balance.Public people who are sincere in emotion, always look interlocutor straight in the eye, not taking them away.

Secrets of love relationships

Even more important question of the true nature of the relationship becomes a personal communication between the sexes.Sometimes young people have to suffer for a long time to figure out how she relates to you and your company if it is interesting.But for the proper establishment of a "diagnosis" of its relations requires only a few simple analytical activities.

If a girl on your invitation to take a walk or go somewhere, do not hesitate to respond positively and with her voice can be heard welcoming notes, you're on the right track.However, it often happens that your calls it is either not responding or finds any excuse to abandon the meeting.Then it is not necessary illusions and further diminish the dignity, because the girl is clearly not eager to communicate closely.

There is another category of women who love to appear just before the holidays, and then, relying gifts received them disappear before the next grand event.This behavior speaks volumes about the use of men in their selfish attachments, but not to you, and to your gifts.

understand how a man treats you, it is also quite easy, because a loving person will not use the employment factor for the transfer or cancellation of a meeting with the girl.He will try, on the contrary, to find any suitable occasion to be able to see, even for a short while.And if a young person gives you flowers not after the obligatory holiday, and to please and make you sweet, if he genuinely looking into the eyes, talk about their feelings and willing to wait as long as necessary, without insisting on the immediate vicinity, you should look atit carefully.After all, perhaps, in spite of not quite the model appearance and no significant bank account, it is your treasured half.And do not rack their brains to figure out how to find out how a man relates to your person, because the person experiencing sincere feelings, be sure to tell myself all the words or actions.

In human relations the most important is a recognized fact that people, most of them belong to you as well as you treat them.So if you care about the opinions of others, try to take over the world openly, without hysterical fights and hypocrisy.Attention to the neighbor and the desire to help them always pay off to you a hundredfold!