To evacuate the machine ?

To evacuate the machine ?

The worst thing for the motorist not find your car in the place where it had been left to them.The absence of cars can be explained by two reasons: it was stolen, or forcibly evacuated by car pound.How to act in the first case known to every driver.But in the second, not all know where to go to pick her up.

Where did the machine

So, if the car were evacuated, where to call you do not, then do not panic.First, we should make a call to the police and find out where the car.Since only the police will be able to help deal with the situation.If you are told that your car is not listed on shtafstoyanke, it means that it has been stolen, then you need to immediately go to the police and write a statement about the hijacking.If your vehicle was forcibly evacuated, you should ask why.You should ask the police to dictate to you help desk phone number, which deals with the forced transportation of cars on the car pound in your town.After that you should call to help and to find out where and why your car h

as been evacuated.It should be noted that in some cases, the controller does not immediately reported the information you need, because the tow truck had not yet had time to take your car to the car pound, and to find out, you have to wait a while.Sometimes a tow truck to be transported machine through the city, as the nearest parking are all busy.Call to be as long as you do not manage to find out exactly where your car is at the moment.Also, be sure to ask to dictate to you the address and phone shtrafstojanki where evacuating machines.

Taking a car with shtrafstojanki

To pick up your car with schtraftoyanki need to call the provided phone number and find out whether he really was evacuated this spetsstoyanku.If the answer is yes, you should specify that you need to do for his return.If the documents were in the car, then you definitely need to report it to shtrafstoyanke, as without them to get the car back would be impossible.It should be immediately sent to the machine, so you'll be paying for her stay at shtafstoyanke much less.As a rule, after the presentation of the necessary documents for the car and pay the fine, you can reclaim your car.Now that you know how to find out where the car was evacuated, and do not panic.