How humiliating words ?

How humiliating words ?

We all know that one word can hurt, offend or even humiliate the person.In the last century - the honor and dignity have been very valuable in order to save them, fought duels.In today's world it does not cost anything to offend and humiliate morally any person.This article will consider what words can humiliate all of us.With humiliation can drive a person to huge stress.There are situations that some people deserve to be treated.

moral humiliation of human

humiliation - is when a person falls self-esteem in the eyes of other people.This happens for several reasons: for the purpose of educational work or for self-affirmation of one who offends.In any case, a person experiences psychological trauma and nervous shock.Each survivor in your life humiliation, will continue to unconsciously try to avoid a similar attitude.It will be a great lesson for those who have inflated ego and self-strap and who does not accept the opinion of other people.

How can morally humiliate human

Most often, the moral humiliation and psychological attack occurs in a married couple.When relations have reached a certain point, the husband and wife are constantly trying to humiliate and hurt as painfully as possible.If the partners and then humiliate each other, thus they increase their self-esteem.The problem here lies in the interior of the complex, psychological trauma received in childhood, self-doubt, self-interest.Insulting partner, a person feels his inner strength.But that only points to the inadequacy and weakness of insulting a person.

It concerns not only the family of people, but also the rest who have relatives and family.Most hurt when people close reach abusive, unreasonable humiliation.The offending person is easy, if you know all of its shortcomings.

How humiliating words of a man

If a woman appeared so desire, then it reached the boiling point.Some people believe that men are weak in moral terms.Even the most confident man can withdraw himself from any criticism in his address.Consider then, how we can humiliate the stronger sex.

  • first find out its vital criteria, his self-esteem.Men are proud of the fact that they belong to the male, that this is possible and play.Let him know that he does not meet you as a man.Someone may be very offended, but others feel great humiliation.Everything will depend on the situation.
  • great way to humiliation men - this evil saying after the spent night.Say that he was not at a high level, such words can inflict a serious blow to manhood, and even make a guy impotent for some time.
  • male appearance plays an important role.They are kind to their inflated muscles.Therefore, it should be said that the other guy more pumped muscles, your partner will gnash their teeth in resentment.
  • blow to talent and merit.All men want to be talented in everything, but little data is not enough.Then constantly tell him about celebrities who at his age reached all heights and become popular.
  • called him "sissy", a coward, a loser, mumble.Your statements will not leave him indifferent.

methods of verbal humiliation

Let's look at how to humiliate the buzz words and not only.

  • all people as people, and you're a real miscarriage of society.
  • Your intellect went for a walk and disappeared forever.
  • not par my brain and go vacuuming cacti in the desert.
  • better to go away in English, and sometimes in other languages ​​send.
  • not rustling at my bag full of holes.

Now that you know many of the words that can humiliate a person.Think well if you need to do it, because the work and the properties can boomerang.It is necessary to learn to forgive and to live in harmony with others.Because only in this case, you are guaranteed a good mood and positive attitude.The offending others, you will never become stronger and do not take revenge and not worth it.We wish you good luck and wise decisions.