Why women do not know how to park ?

Why women do not know how to park ?

Recently, more and more frequently on the roads can be found behind the wheel of the car, a woman motorist.Among men, there is a perception that women are much worse than they drive cars.Such a statement is even of interest to scientists, and they had no choice but to conduct research to confirm or refute this opinion.

blame stress for everything

Asked why women do not know how to park, the researchers found that more women than men experience stress when parking your car.A particularly difficult given them to park in front of strangers.

In addition, it has been proven that women are worse than men orient themselves in space and feel bad dimensions of the car.It is for this reason that on the cars, the drivers of which are women, often have dents and scratches on the bumper cars or the door.

Not long ago, automakers decided to pity the female part of motorists and especially for them created a system that allows to park the car without human intervention.To date, this technology for some of it

s brands Volkswagen car company produces.Soon Mercedes-Benz and Ford companies will also be able to please this technology in their cars.

However, despite the fact that scientists were able to confirm the belief that women can not park, they were unable to confirm the myth that women are worse than men drive cars.In fact, it turned out quite the opposite - women are much better and more accurate drive cars than men.The fact is that the manner of women driving more cautious and smooth as avtoledi more afraid to get into trouble on the road.But men behave behind the wheel of an extremely aggressive and assertive, which is a frequent cause of road accidents.

How do you teach a woman to park

If you decide to teach your girlfriend or wife to park, you should not choose a crowded place for that to avoid unnecessary excitement due to the presence of foreign "eye".The best option would be - to negotiate with any driving school to take advantage of its motor racing track.At present, almost every school in the driving training can give you a couple of hours for a fee your circuit.There will be no damage to your car and learn parallel parking, and move to boxing.It is only necessary to set correctly the special boxes and an improvised car park or garage ready.

More optimism

Do not despair if you do not turn out right the first time to park the car, because it is not an indication that you are a bad driver.Practice good mentor, and most importantly the desire to soon give their results.