I took the battery : how to open the car ?

I took the battery : how to open the car ?

One of the main problems of car owners - is a dead battery, especially when he needs to be charged in the cold, and there are not any soul, and you are on the outside of the machine.Here the question arises: got the battery, how to open the car?There are several ways, but it all depends on the brand and model year of the car.Although there are general tips.

method first

most banal, but it is a versatile and effective way - is to try to open the door with the key.Yes, let the central locking and closed, but the key to the well, or rather, a mechanic in a car should be.The side door to the driver's side must be provided with a hole for the key.Try to rotate the key in different directions, after two spins lock must succumb.If not, you may need to clean the core.If you long to use electronics, the lock can get clogged by dirt or simply rust.

second method

radical method - to knock the glass and open the door from the inside.If you are such a method is not suitable, you can call in the maintenanc

e service.Staff can help to open the machine.They use a special device that is inserted between the glass and the base door.At the end of the device has, one might say, an inflatable balloon.Once it is inflated, the door is a little off.Hook rousing latch, the door opens.You may be able to do so the slot to pry latch.It is necessary that a plane, for example, a ruler.If we can make the gap to pry her hook and open the door.

Open the hood

Sel battery?To open the hood, if the alarm does not allow to open the car door?We need to try to get inside.Please use the above methods to get in the car.Now you can try to find the hidden loop that will disable the alarm and unlock the door.

When you are in a car, you need to look left and right at the bottom of the driver's seat, to find out where the hidden loop.It is for the skin, so you have little to spoil the interior.If the driver's side not, near the passenger seat there for sure.Remove the liner and get a hand loop.So you can remove the alarm, open the hood and charge the battery, if there are nearby car.If there are no cars, try to recharge the battery from the cigarette lighter.