What a surprise to make the guy ?

What a surprise to make the guy ?

We are accustomed to the fact that young people are constantly surprised by his girls beautiful actions, ranging from cute gift and ending with a romantic serenade.But worse than the girls?What can you do to show your love for the guy not only in words but also in deeds?What a surprise to make the guy?We offer you a few ideas.

Surprises weekdays

surprise for a loved one guy can be arranged in a regular weekday, and it will be twice more pleasant than on a holiday, and so when gifts are expected.How can please a loved one?

banal, but still at least a nice romantic evening.By the arrival of the beloved home from work or school, prepare him a hot bath with aromatic oils, light candles, prepare a delicious and unusual dinner, turn on soft music.When a guy comes home and immediately send it to relax in a bath, then a tasty feed, a massage and I will build a night of love.For this evening, he will be very grateful to you, your love will become even stronger and more tender.

Show him your feelings,

using everyday objects.Give a mug to your best photo or joint to find her a nice frame and put the photo on the desk guy.You can also order a T-shirt with his picture or inscription with a declaration of love the guy.Even the usual "Sasha, I love you so much!"on your home shirt that you wear every day, will remind the guy of your love for him.

If he has a favorite dish, then you can make a surprise for the guy with his hands.Just prepare this dish for him, if still have not already done so, and presented in a beautiful way.

no less romantic, and breakfast in bed.Especially pleasing is it in the output when it is not necessary to rush anywhere.Get up early, tasty pancakes fire, boil coffee, we will cut fruits.Bring breakfast in bed, wake your favorite kiss and invite to eat.

If the relationship is intimate enough, it's time to do some experimenting sexually.What a surprise to make your favorite guy?Offer to play in role-play, or if you know for sure that he will understand, involved him in this role-playing game without warning.For example, you can change into costume sexy nurse and meet in such a nice home from work (of course, the time should be appropriate).Right at the door said that the young man is very tired and sickly, and he needs a good medical care.Lay Man on the bed, make him an erotic massage "to relax" and finished his mind bending sex.Guy will be pleased!

gentle words of love can manifest in the works.Write favorite poem, a story, but just beautiful and unusual declaration of love.You can create a surprise effect.Put the leaf with his loving work of the guy in the pocket on the table, in the closet.He will find your confession, and reading it will be pleasantly surprised.Surprises in


's birthday, you can make a surprise pomasshtabnee.How to make a surprise guy in his day?If you have sufficient funds, then Give him what you really need, or what he has long dreamed.Your gift will be the most expensive in this feast for him!

Arrange him a party, but only if a guy likes them.To discuss all the details with his friends, organize a holiday with them secretly loved.And the birthday make sure that the birthday was on holiday (if the holiday will be held outside the home), noisy congratulate him, Nadar gifts and arrange a fun party!

The Birthday possible to admit the guy in love more spectacular ways.It can be a call on the radio, which he listens to.Just say Live like you love your boyfriend, and congratulated him heartily on his birthday.You can compose a song for a loved one and perform it in public, if you celebrate in a cafe or in a restaurant with karaoke.Again, if the house or in a place where celebrate a birthday, there is a big screen, you can come up with a pre-film of the beloved with his best photos and beautiful text and show his birthday and all the guests.

bold girl can make a tattoo with the name of a loved one.A lady that owns a little site building skills, or having friends who can help with this, for the birthday of a loved one can give him his personal website.

Surprises in Valentine's Day Surprise

boyfriend on Valentine's Day can be a sweet and humble.For example, everyone knows the idea of ​​"100 Reasons Why I Love You."At 100 beautiful pieces of paper to write the same number of reasons why you love your boyfriend.Each piece of paper should be carefully twist into a tube, and all the papers in a form placed in a beautiful box, and you need to give your loved solemnly.

also can make your favorite cake in the form of heart or give a guy with his own hands made a pillow or a toy of the same shape.Cute little thing, but it will look like the guy on the presence in his life, only his girlfriend, like you!

You decide itself, which can make a guy a surprise, and it may be something different, something personal and individual.Think about your favorite, and that he would have liked, and realize his dream into reality!