Stolen cars .What to do?

Stolen cars .What to do?

losing her car does not want any one owner.Some of them save up for a car half a lifetime, and one overcast morning, going to the private garage, understands that the car they stole.Situations where cars are not stolen, and documents on it together with your passport and other things happen as often as car theft.All such situations require the help of the police, and nothing else.Therefore, immediately call the

police and call investigators if you stole the car.What to do on their own in this matter - it's up to you, but in some cases, self-searching cars, if there are friends in the car business, provide better results than the investigation of the case.

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car theft - a serious offense that is punishable by law.The deprivation of liberty for a definite term or a suspended sentence - a court will decide.But the task of the investigation team to determine the initial stage of the investigation and possible evidence.Therefore, if you drove the car out of your garage, immediately call the police and before the arrival of the police do not go in the garage, not to trample the trail of criminals.

Once the police arrive at the crime scene, be sure to ask you, as the owner of the car about its special characteristics.Naturally, you must have at the hands of the log and other documents describing and confirming your rights to the stolen car.To the same time did not steal the car documents and stole the car itself, never leave your documents in the glove compartment of the car.Following the investigations, possibly your car and come back to you, but no one can guarantee its proper technical condition and appearance.

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In such a situation, you should immediately report the theft to the local police.It is possible that your documents will be used for criminal purposes, so do not loiter a statement.In addition, the earlier you contact the police to report the theft of documents on the car, the sooner you will be able to issue new ones.If lost only documents on a car, they are made on the basis of your passport, but with the loss of all documents, including a passport, you must first issue a new passport, and only then proceed to the registration certificate of vehicle registration, and passport to the vehicle.

In fact, you are going to re-setting all car registration procedure.Making a certificate for the car, and the passport of the vehicle carried out with pre-payment of the registration fee ($ 100 for each document).By the way, the documents drawn up for three hours after the submission of all required documentation.An exception can only be cases where duplicate issuance is carried out in an area different from that where a certificate and passport for the car.The term of the issuance of documents in such cases, be extended to 30 days, but no more.

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If the stolen numbers from the machine, your first action should be related to the treatment of the police.In no case do not order numbers in companies that offer such services on the Internet.Firstly, the use of illegal numbers - it is an offense, punishable by a fine.For individuals, the penalty amount is 2,500 rubles, and for legal entities - from 400 to 500 thousand rubles.For driving a vehicle with forged numbers you are threatened with deprivation of rights for at least 6 months.Thus, it is a serious issue that requires the involvement of law enforcement bodies.

Once stolen from the machine room, located on your property, and you have caused a police officer from the district department, it will be an act and will give you a ticket alert.Your application will be treated for 10 days, after which the decision will be made.It is the basis for obtaining new license plates for quite a standard procedure that you were after buying the car in the showroom.