How to use a bidet ?

How to use a bidet ?

are increasingly in homes in addition to toilets and bidets appear - special little shells intended for washing the external genitalia and anus.If the old Europe bidet - has long been a sign of a civilized home, we have to acquire such an item of personal hygiene in no hurry to each.And in vain!Bidet - a relatively hygienic and convenient way to keep external bodies clean.

Instructions how to use the bidet

  1. go to the bathroom you need to use the procedure bidet.
  2. After the toilet, you can use toilet paper, and can immediately transfer to a bidet.Typically, toilet and bidet installed near what is undoubtedly a very practical and convenient.
  3. sit on the bidet can be different.Traditionally, it is believed that it is necessary to sit on a bidet facing the faucet, but if you prefer to sit back, there is nothing wrong with that.
  4. Turn on the faucet and adjust acceptable for you the water temperature.Modern bidet also allow to adjust the intensity and the rise of the water jet.Set bidet under him as
    comfortable as possible.
  5. For better use special cleansing agents, or liquid soap.With hands thoroughly wash genitals and the anus under running water.
  6. After podmoetes, you can use a towel or cloth to remove excess moisture.
  7. At the end of the washing procedure, be sure to rinse your hands.

That's it!As you can see, nothing complicated in using the bidet no.This is a fast, modern, convenient and hygienic.If possible, obtain and install a bidet at home and soon you will feel as a useful object for body hygiene.Due to its popularity, a bidet in the market a wide range of different manufacturers.The most simple model - a bidet with mixer, which helps regulate the temperature and the intensity of the water jet.More advanced models have several different functions and kranchikov jet direction, such as vertically.Also many bidet fitted with a plug, which helps to achieve the required amount of water into the bowl.Design bidet - to your taste and color.

Despite the fact that the bidet is traditionally used for washing the anus and genitals, many manage to wash it in the legs, which is also quite natural.After all, bidet, despite the similarity in form to the toilet, though - a small sink, and therefore is used as much.

Bidet - an indispensable thing for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, or in a hurry, but full-time to take a shower there.Bidets for those who are limited in movement or obese.Recently, bidets are increasingly began to appear in hospitals and antenatal clinics, which by itself, due to the constant control of the purity of his body.