Why do men come back ?

Why do men come back ?

Many experienced separation from a loved one.The gap is always perceived painfully, especially in a situation where step towards ending the relationship makes the stronger sex.To help in such cases often come girlfriend.Consoling, they claim that all this while, say, walk up and back.

Why he returned

In some cases, friends are right?Why do men come back, whether to enjoy such a return and resume the relationship?Life - a complicated thing, and the situation may be different, let's look at the most common ones.

  • most pleasant option, which secretly hopes each abandoned woman - man stayed some time alone, to realize that the world is not nice to him without the former, therefore, with repentance returned to her.Alas, such a turn of events - the lot of television series, and in real life rarely happens.If you are at the beginning of the relationship, is it possible, when a man torn between two passes and will not able to make a choice.Perhaps he was even like that kind of "Santa Barbara."If the
    relationship lasts a few years, such a drastic step, most likely, well thought out and not subject to revision.
  • happens that the husband returned after living for some time with the other.Perhaps her unfaithful husband brought boredom and novelty seeking.But if as a lover she had fully satisfied, then a real life with a new lover has proved far from a fairy tale, which he had hoped.Comparing the two women, a man, as a result, returns to the legitimate wife.
  • happens that the former arises on the threshold at the wrong time, when the wound healed, new relationships are built, so it is regarded as the sudden appearance of an unpleasant surprise.Moreover, the behavior of the ex-wife of a little illogical: he looks at you with adoring eyes, although parting threw the phrase: "but who are you going to need this?" This hook caught many women that after a brief period of happiness once again be abandoned.The reason is that in this case the man is not motivated by love, and irritation: how dare she be happy without me?Ex-husband, who never adjusted personal life, becomes obsessed with a thirst for justice: I just bad, bad, and will let her!
  • man able to go back out of fear of loneliness.Surely, before leaving, he secured a reliable rear, but the new relationship is not grown together for some reason, and unfaithful husband was left with nothing.Accustomed to a delicious dinner and stroked shirts, he is not very pleased the new single status.So, having gone through several unsuccessful attempts to find a new companion, poor fellow returns to the one that knows like the five fingers.Here, it is guaranteed for tourists, for whom he missed.

Why man returned

search for an answer to the question - why men throw, then returned, often lose all relevance, when the ex-husband, had recently slammed the door, asking her to open, to admit, to forget everything and start all over again.Here it does not matter why, why, the main thing - it's back!But before trying to re-build a relationship, think:

  • Are you ready to change, to find compromises, flexibility?
  • Do you confuse a gentle feeling to the ex-wife with pity?
  • If a man is clearly motivated by a desire to return to the familiar, think, and whether you need such a partnership, or is it better to embark on the search for new feelings and emotions fresh?
  • If the husband went to another, and then came back, if you are willing to admit that perhaps this situation will repeat itself again?Do you need these "swing"?

If no arguments and arguments will not stop you, then your feelings are still strong, and you have the right to hope that this case was the first and last.And even if the question of why men are returned to the former is given by a lover, was left with nothing.