How to wash ?

Many women do not even know that the failure to comply with hygiene rules can lead to serious health problems of the genitourinary system.For example, inflammation of the urinary bladder (cystitis) occurs only in half of the cases due to the cold, and the other half, because if not properly podmyvanii bacteria from the anus to the vagina fall.It is in order to avoid these serious problems, it is necessary to know how to wash.

Terms cleaning the women

tempted healthy woman should be once a day, do not pan out intimate place several times a day.In this case, the washed microorganisms, which is just as dangerous as inflammation.Normal microflora ensures the health of internal genital organs, and you only need to wash the exterior bodies.To wash with warm water should only be if you are in a situation that there is only cold water, it is best to wet the cloth, warm it in your hands, then make a few movements, from the pubis to the anus.Of course, this is not a complete washing away, but eliminated

the inflammation.

for each lady in the bathroom should be hanging his towel to wipe the intimate places.Change the towels are more often than usual.Do not use for washing genitals washcloths, in any case not rub mucous various sponges.It may hurt her, and very easy to get the bacteria, cure the inflammation formed will be very difficult in micro wounds.

again will not be superfluous to repeat, how to wash the woman in the pelvis or under running water, cleaning supplies hand movements should be directed from the pubis to the anus.If you are tempted to running water, then do not send it in the vagina, your task - to wash the exterior bodies, and for this it is not necessary to pour water inside.In addition, together with water can penetrate into the bacteria.For cleaning the

not use shower gels, scented soap.Suitable for this special means for intimate hygiene or regular baby soap without additives.It has a neutral ph-factor and absolutely no harm to sensitive skin.

podmyvanii pregnant

Hygiene normal women and women in the position is exactly the same.The rules are the same: do not wash their private parts too often, once a day.Many are wondering what to wash during pregnancy, ask if special tools are needed?The answer is very simple - it is necessary to use special hygienic means or baby soap.Do not direct a jet shower with podmyvanii vagina.Of course, the water does not get to the child, but the fear of bacteria should be at this time especially!Remember that pregnancy - is not a pathology, it is a normal woman's state, it is not necessary to climb inside the genitals, lubrication and flora must be created in a natural way, a violation of their composition weakens health.For a pregnant woman is more important than all the other time - wash with abdominal growth will become uncomfortable to get into the bathroom more and more difficult.Thereby inducing her husband to this procedure: let it support you at this point, especially when you get out of the bath, which has a wet surface and easy to slip.Nesoskalzyvayuschy and put a rubber mat in the tub and on the floor in front of her.

Men hygiene

rules on how to wash the penis, of course, more simple, but their knowledge is no less important.Every day, a man should wash their genitals with soap and water or a special tool for intimate hygiene.In addition to washing the exterior organs of a man should wash the folds of the foreskin.After all, they can accumulate bacteria, which then cause inflammation.Therefore it is best not to neglect the procedure of washing the foreskin and glans penis.It is best to do it after every urination, but if this is not possible, the remaining fluid is better to remove the toilet paper.