What's in that?


As a rule, once a year for the motorist there comes a time when you need to seriously attend to the technical condition of your vehicle.In addition, until recent days, traffic police claim for passing inspection were quite specific and require drastic measures.But in general maintenance (the inspection.) - A very important procedure because it allows us to understand in what condition is your car and, therefore, depends on the safety and sometimes the life of the driver and passengers.

What does THAT 1

should divide the different types of transmission.inspection.There are only three types - TO-1, TO-2 and CO (seasonal inspection of the vehicle).Let's start with the first.The purpose of TO-1 - a warning of random failures in the work of all mechanisms of the car until the next inspection.These include:

  • control and diagnostics of all vehicle driving apparatus;
  • check of all fastening elements of the car body;
  • lubricating and adjusting work.

Most motorists are advised to take the TO-1 is in m

aintenance services.The fact that the visual analysis of the layman (and professionals as well) does not insulate the wearer from possible hidden problems.At the station, you will be provided with special devices that are likely to reveal a dangerous breakage.The benefit, in fact, there is.The sooner you notice the problem and repair the one of the units of the car, the less money you spend on this in the future.

What does THAT 2

TO-2 - this is a more in-depth inspection of the car.As a rule, TO-2 is carried out in full and TO-1.The crucial difference between these two processes is that the TO-2 auto-masters make adjustments, configuration, test or repair units of the car to their full or partial dismantling.With TO-1 does not.The complexity of this work is really high, so only the master maintenance service vehicles can cope with the task.However, it is no secret that many motorists are attempting to self-configure and disassembly car units, which sometimes leads to serious consequences.It is necessary not only to correctly disassemble and repair the unit, but also deliver the item to the place as she stood there.And one more point in favor of putting the machine into service maintenance - is special equipment with which made car repairs.Hardly be typed and half of those useful tools, which are necessary for the effective maintenance of your car in your garage.

What is CO?

What's in a car, we understand.Now let's talk about the seasonal maintenance (CO).In fact, the CO assumes the very "pereobuvki" car for the winter or summer tires.However, this is not limited to CO.Some services offer additional services such as anti-corrosion coating of the car body and so on.As a rule, the SB carried out in conjunction with the TO-2, which makes it easier to pass, saves you money and time.

And finally I would like to highlight such an important topic as the rules of any passing MOT.It is known that the driver of traffic imposes a requirement to comply with the rules of passage THAT, but what he specifically did not specify.What is the reason?And the reason is that your particular regulations set for each car and for each specific model.And doing it the manufacturer of your steel horse.You can find a description of the necessary procedures within the TO-1 and TO-2 in the owner's manual.In addition, there are listed all the characteristics of various vehicle components and their exemplary "delay" by the number of kilometers traveled path.The list of necessary procedures must also be described in the book.

What is included in the maintenance of the vehicle, which is controlled by you?It is best to learn in the service station.Anyway, the most correct choice when deciding whether to pass the next test - is to work with service station.Employees of service centers will offer you not only a complete check of the machine, but also point to the potential future damage.