How to cheat the lie detector ?

How to cheat the lie detector ?

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How to cheat a lie detector?

Recently, to determine whether a person speaks the truth, are increasingly using the lie detector or polygraph.This apparatus, which fixes the body's response to questions.When the subject is telling the truth, the detector shows the same data, and when lying, figures vary greatly.Polygraph - a useful device that helps to identify the offender or find out important facts of human life.

The principle of lie detector

believed that the lie detector test reveals fraud with almost absolute precision.Specialist, under whose direction is the procedure, trying in every way to convince the subject, so when false answers he begins to worry.His pulse quickens, speeds up or slows down breathing, occurs involuntary movement of the fingers.The principle of operation is based on a polygraph to record and recording the changes.For this purpose, the human body sensing sensor attached.They detect the slightest hesitation, for it determines the veraci

ty of the information specialist.

methods, how to cheat the lie detector

Although it is believed that deceive almost impossible polygraph, this statement is too exaggerated.Overseas security officers even taught this art.There are several ways to help you do this:

  • reception of psychotropic drugs.If you need to pass a lie detector, it is possible to take special medication, changing mental state.In this case, the reaction of the organism are different and will not issue the test during untruthful answers.
  • reception on the eve of the procedure of a large amount of alcohol.The next day, the reaction will be inhibited and ambiguous, which will not exactly set the result of passing a lie detector.However, in these two cases, you run the risk that you may be asked to undergo the procedure in the next day.
  • Full self-concentration.Such a state, when a person is in full control of their emotions, can only be achieved after long workouts.During the session, you must answer all the questions without emotions automatically, thus concentrating on any object.
  • attempts to give the correct response.For example, when the truthful answers to try to elicit a strong emotional response, and vice versa when false.This is done in order to mislead the polygraph procedure and initiators.
  • awake for 2-3 days.Lack of sleep the body enters into a state of lethargy and indifference to external stimuli.Verification does not give correct results.

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