What to write to the man ?

What to write to the man ?

Remember the days when the main means of communication for people at a distance was the correspondence?There was no phone, no internet, but the connection is not lost.They wrote long letters, which are then delivered to the addressee after a few days, or even months.And what were these welcome letters to the recipient!It came news of a loved one or relative, which tells of his life, hopes and sorrows.These letters were stored for a long time and reread several times.

What people write letters today?

Now everything is much easier, because there are landlines and mobiles, chat on Skype.I called and talked - no problem.Everything seems to be convenient.Nevertheless, in spite of the existence of such a convenient things like phone, an important role in communication between people at a distance it takes correspondence.Of course, it is much evolved - to write a letter, we do not need a pen or paper.Yes, and the recipient does not need to wait for a long time, a letter arrives instantly.It is, of cou

rse, an Internet correspondence.E-mails and correspondence in social networks, ICQ and Skype - anywhere people communicate through letters and messages.And even now there are no strict rules and requirements for how to compose a letter, yet how you write it, depends largely on the attitude of the interlocutor to your person.

Let's take a closer look, what to write to the man in the first letter.Also look at how to conduct business correspondence and that write the beloved.

Writing a letter handsome stranger

options that you can write to the man that you like a lot.Let's say you have paid attention to his profile on a dating site or social media.They saw and understood that here it is - your perfect man.But what to write to the man, to motivate him to continue the acquaintance?First of all, remember that your first letter you need to generate interest in his person.No need to write trite: "Hello, how are you?", Etc.

If you decide to write a full, meaningful letter, and not just the original phrase, note that the text should be long enough to express your thoughts, but do not..enough to annoy the receiver.

Before writing the letter, carefully read the information on your chosen one: the more interested in where he studied, where he works that he appreciates in people.It is necessary to start the conversation and keep the conversation correctly.

Write with humor: many men are very fond of clever girls who have a good sense of humor.Write in simple style: the simpler the written text, the easier it will be perceived by the interlocutor.Praise a man, admired his skills, passions and abilities.Men like such attention.

not ship its own problems and complaints about life.On the contrary, be optimistic sun for him, which is always so good.But do not overplay.

flirt and flirt with a guy.A little flirting can not hurt for all correspondence.

Do not push it and do not rush.The decision to develop your relationship, he should take himself.Your task - to push him to do so.

Writing a letter beloved

Beloved man can please this letter - written by hand on paper, beautiful, tasteful.Send it by mail, you can either put a secret in his belongings.Write a letter to the beloved is not too difficult.And for those who do not know what to write in this letter will be useful the following tips.

Refer to the man affectionately called.Tell him about your feelings, how you care for it.Write a nice man is easy, you just need to think a little.Can you remember the pleasant moments that you spent together.Dream in a letter about your joint bright future.Praise him for his good deeds he committed.

can insert rows in a letter of love poems, but they should not be much.You can also write a letter to the beloved with a hint of intrigue, exciting and promising, that he is looking forward to your next appointment.

Very romantic is if your letter sprinkle perfume and impress on it a kiss.

Writing a business letter man

Business correspondence differs restraint, tact and lack of superfluous information.Typically, it is conducted to address a particular problem or issue.Often the girls question: How to write a letter to a man, if he - your business partner?The answer is simple: the contents of the letter to the man, must be purely professional nature.

It is necessary to specify the correct position, title or rank of the man, to which you refer in a business letter.A business letter should be clearly structured and have a treatment, the main part, conclusion.You can use the postscript.

important to write correctly and to the point.The letter should not be present, and a hint of flirtation or feminine coquetry.It is inappropriate in this case and humor.

Finish the letter should be polite phrase in which your title and last name will be listed.For example, "Best regards, personnel manager of the company" Orion ", TM Ivanova."

Adhering to these simple rules of writing letters, you can make the best impression on the recipient.