How to ruin your life?

How to ruin your life?

Bad advice - a good thing, if you manage them wisely.In this case, it is desirable to go by contradiction.After all, we will focus on how to ruin the life of themselves and others.We offer a variety of ways.

How to spoil life for themselves

If your goal - to spoil their own lives, then, first of all, need to learn to trust yourself.

  1. Put into question any of their undertaking.Accept the fact that you can not achieve anything and start to hate yourself for it.Soon you will really become not capable of beautiful deeds and career ups and your hatred will continue to grow.
  2. Having made the slightest mistake, start to blame themselves harshly, and every achievement is seen as a coincidence.
  3. Forget about your favorite hobbies and acknowledge that you have no talent and do not deserve happiness.After this even a good potential and talent to quickly fade, and all your dreams will collapse.
  4. Throw yourself.Do not engage in activities and forget about proper nutrition.Instead, you can drown out the bi
    tter defeats of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.Your appearance should be repulsive, and the apartment - dirty.
  5. not make new acquaintances.If you have friends and family, they will disappear from your life.For this to happen as soon as possible, you can use the tips on how to ruin the life of others.

How to spoil the life of your loved one

Losing a loved one is easier than to keep.For starters, you can just "cut" a soul mate with or without.

  1. Do not miss the opportunity to point out its shortcomings, try to prick more painfully, was blamed for the failure.
  2. criticism of his family and scoff at his ideals.
  3. negated all the intimate life.
  4. Tell your favorite boss, as he criticizes his tiring work.
  5. scene of jealousy, even if it is not a reason.At the same time had an affair before the nose of a loved one.Get an affair with his best friend to the friendship came to an end.

How to spoil the life of the former

Even after you parted, you will spoil his life.Spoil former life as possible, preventing him to start a new relationship.

  1. Do you have an arsenal of information about his weaknesses, habits, complexes.Use it to spread rumors.
  2. Pour over your ex mud in a conversation with his new girlfriend.Do not miss the opportunity to invent.You can also threaten and intimidate.The main thing - to give others to understand that you are set negatively and are not going to go away from his life.Behave aggressively and consistently.
  3. Tire his former constant calls to the claims.
  4. leaked online your intimate photos, wherever he looked ridiculous and absurd.These photos can be prepared in advance, even before the break.

How to spoil the life of relatives

To the family turned away from you, you need to spoil the family life.To this end, it is desirable to all quarrel.

  1. Let emerge longstanding grudges, little secrets and forgotten facts from the past.
  2. Try to get involved in the life of couples, to tell them to each other's shortcomings.
  3. Try to spoil every family holiday.Mocks the family tradition.
  4. If the opportunity arises conflict about finances - do not miss this chance.An excellent reason can there be an inheritance or estate sale.

Demand from the household money, even if you have no right to do so.Themselves never help relatives or financially or morally.

How to spoil the life of the neighbors

To neighbors never become your friends, you need to spoil their lives.

  1. To do this litter in the stairwell and kick up a row, arrange a night partying with loud music, throw garbage at them and set fire to the door bell button.
  2. Try to do everything so that they can be called as often as the police because of you.
  3. Invent and dissolve dirty rumors about their neighbors among tenants.
  4. On top of all of their favorite poison pet.

spoil life itself and all around, you can forget about happiness and to be at the very bottom of life.The return trip, unfortunately, may not be possible.