How to remove a kidney ?

How to remove a kidney ?

kidney - the organ that performs the function of "filter" which helps cleanse the blood from the various metabolic products.But why remove the kidney?The main reason for this are renal diseases, namely tumor.The kidney was removed through a complex operation, which is called radical nephrectomy.Consider the same as this process is a complicated operation.So, how to remove a kidney?

How is

operation incision can be placed in the lumbar region or in the upper quadrant on the appropriate side.Selection surgical approach will depend on the location and size of the tumor, the patient's general condition and disease, as well as the doctor's preferences.The length of the incision on the skin is 20 cm. During this operation removes not only directly kidney, and lymph nodes with perinephric fat, and, if necessary, adrenal.At the end of operations, to a place remote kidney establish one or more drainage pipes: their presence makes it possible to assess the state of the postoperative period.Next to the s

kin bandage.To control the level of allocated another kidney urinary bladder established catheter through the urethra.Once removed the kidney, disability will be provided.

How is the postoperative period

Almost always after the surgery, the patient spends one night in the intensive care ward, where at the positive within the next day returned to his room in the urology department.If there is in the area of ​​postoperative wound pain, the patient will be regularly administered painkillers.

How to behave at home

Within three months after the operation, you need to avoid physical activities and sports;the first month - must wear a bandage.It is forbidden to lift weights (more than three kg).You can not drink alcohol and supercool.One may be in the fresh air and walk.As a rule, after 6-11 days after discharge from the hospital in good health, it is possible to resume work (of course, if it is not related to physical activity).The sexual life after the surgery you can begin to live in three to five weeks.