How to discover your password?

How to discover your password?

Many users of social networks have repeatedly faced the problem of lost passwords.Some have resorted to the services of developers, offering to crack the password for a fee, and some have successfully carried out the password recognition with the help of special programs, which can be download free of charge (or charge) on the Internet.If you too are interested in how to reveal the password in Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, as well as email and other social networks, then use here this link to access the password WinRar or hack archive password (described in detail here -

password cracking Vkontakte

In order to familiarize the social users. network with how can vulnerable to be personal pages, the following is information about how to open password without help, without resorting to programming services.

first of all I want to note that if a little bit familiar with the person, the selection of the password, opening his page, did not take too much time. the most common passwords people prefer a n

umeric format, displayed significant digits for him (the year of birth, age, phone number and so on.), or set absolutely banal and simple passwords.

if they do not fit, then try to make the same actions with the introduction of e-mail.If not choose a password to the email, you can enter the answer to your secret question.Most often, those can be a pet nickname, a model user of the machine and so on.Opening access to email, immediately order the recovery password to the page in contact.All access to personal information will be obtained.

If you are in all of these activities still suffered a setback, you can either start learning programming, or to find a program or script (images) to break, it would be much faster to implement.

For example, the forum presented a variety of programs for cracking passwords.

How to open a password with asterisks

Recover your forgotten passwords hidden behind asterisks is not difficult if you use programs View Password, Hidden Password, Password Cracker, Hackpass, Open Pass, Asterisk Logger, Asterisk Key.

  1. How password hidden behind dots (stars)?

    For each practitioner programmer working with Delphi programming language, is not no secret of the fact that the component Edit has such a property as PasswordChar (password character).The default setting value of this property is "# 0".This suggests that there is no sign (just readable text).

    When a symbol is changed to * (or any other character), then the duration of the program, each character entered by the user, is displayed in the row as an asterisk.In this case the text will not be subject to any influence, and at the moment I will just be displayed in a predetermined form (asterisks or other.).

    test the program is equipped with the "Manually open password", when clicked, in a property PasswordChar components Edit change at the same value by default.That is, the password becomes readable and can be seen.

  2. As an application to view passwords hidden under asterisks?

    Such programs, viewers are working to change PasswordChar properties in other programs to "# 0".Then, of course, do a redraw (refresh) the desired program window or withdraw values, followed by insertion of passwords in their windows.