How to cheer up ?

How to cheer up ?

In cat scratching soul, longing devoured or just lonely and bored?They began to wonder what to do, not to be sad?This is the first sign that should raise your spirits immediately.Does your girl or lover scowl, he was surrounded by failure?In this case, you just have to pick up a girl or a loved up!So our theme: how to cheer up a person or yourself.

How to cheer up: Tips

To trace your mood and learn to manage it, get a notebook.Every day, write to your mood (you can observe how good / neutral / bad).Opposite sure to write the reasons which have caused such a mood.After a while you will be able to analyze what is most strongly affects your good and bad mood.

And now to the study of specific methods of lifting the mood itself.

  1. Stand up right now!Any movement will bring a minimum of muscular joy.If bored people will continue to sit or lie down, his mood from bad to turn ugly with time.As the movements are not necessarily choose the active sports exercise.Elementary walk to a nearby shop cheer u
  2. Recall music, uplifting.It is proved that music is able to correct the gloomy mood.Of course, each list of songs will be yours.But if your list has not yet been drawn up, try to listen to these songs, uplifting: Status Quo - Fun, Fun, Fun;Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman;MetroStation - Shake It;Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight;Smash Mouth - All Star.The main thing is to include the cheerful music louder and move, move, move!The song, uplifting and gives cheerfulness - what could be better ?!
  3. Want to find images uplifting?Many users have fun on site.But I warn you, in addition to fun images are also some sad, thought-provoking.Go to the site in the "humor" section.Other users can share pictures and videos out there that are able to lift your mood and energize.
  4. Some foods can elevate mood.But to get involved in a good mood for snacks is not necessary, or with a beautiful figure will have to say goodbye.Strawberry and beetroot will raise not only mood but also the potency in men.Grapes can help relieve stress.Oranges, carrots and peaches are responsible for cheerfulness.Vanilla, pineapples and maize will allow to overcome laziness and improve efficiency.
  5. And we'd have gone without friends.Who, no matter how your friend will make the company into a sad evening.Call him, call a walk, well, or, at least, start a correspondence with him on the Internet.

How to lift the mood of the girl

  1. girl would be delighted if to send her verses, uplifting.Do not think that this is only funny poems.Most cheer up girl romance poem from a loved one.Enter in a search engine "verses girl" or "sms for your girlfriend."Enjoy your favorite.
  2. Suggest girl to see her favorite romantic comedy, hugging her during the film, bring chocolate ice cream.
  3. Invite your favorite on a date, her mood will rise as you move (walking, for example), you go into the cafe and eat a sweet dessert.Rendezvous - it your imagination!

How to cheer up a loved

  1. If you have a license and a car ride with your loved one on a night city, took him to a beautiful place overlooking the lake, for example.
  2. In sunny weather, be sure to organize barbecues in the countryside.To please a man delicious meat can be any girl!
  3. Organize beloved erotic evening.While he was in the shower, put on sexy underwear, dim the lights (you can not completely turn off), turn softly relaxed but upbeat music (great fit Enigma).When he returns, let him get used to the surroundings, put him on the bed, while they themselves can dance or just move smoothly at this time.Make your favorite erotic massage, caress it.Such manipulations need to cheer up anyone.