How to check the headphones ?

How to check the headphones ?

Good headphones - this is, first of all, high quality and balance of the sound, the quality factor of the assembly.Let's talk about how to check the quality of the headphones.

How to check the sound through the headphones?

In the store you will not always be able to provide an opportunity to assess the quality of the sound selected headphone, because it will have to compromise the integrity of the packaging of the goods.To evaluate the model offers an exhibition model for testing, but the marriage can be just in the purchased item you.At home, you absolutely do not interfere to check whether the headphones, and in case of problems to carry them back with claims work.

So, first of all it is necessary to evaluate the channels and the presence of extraneous sounds.


In order to check whether the left and right headphone channels are working, you can simply turn on any arbitrary track, but it is better to check the special track headphone channels.Find this audio can be on the Internet.

help detect a defect of a mono track channels.If for some reason one of the earphone membrane is damaged, it will sound monoaudio unevenly.

also need to assess whether the sound channels are equally loud.If a headset sounds quieter than the other, the reason may be a bad contact with the player headphone cable, poor quality soldering any problem with the coil of one of the speakers.In the first case, the problem can usually be removed by simply lifting a cable.In the second and third cases, the complaints go to the store.

Extraneous sounds

If headphones (ear), you hear hissing, ringing and other overtones, it is quite possible that in the area between the membrane and the protective mesh was, for example, the hair of the head.Eliminate pollution and check the sound with the help of the so-called"Mono-sviptona" (the main thing - do not turn the volume too high, so as not to damage the device).

Often the cause of the noises, overtones, and other unpleasant for hearing sounds in your new headphones lies in the poor quality of the assembly.Often the defect manifests itself on a very high or very low frequencies.So if no other apparent reason overtones you have not found, go to the store.

On this website you will find a variety of useful audiotesty headphone -

What else do you need to check the headphones?

Of course, you should also check out the headphones on the integrity of all components, as well as the lack of backlash - big gaps between the individual elements of the structure, which when squeezed will cause the characteristic squeaking and crunching.

If headphones in a series of medium-cost or expensive, it makes sense to carefully examine the information on the original products, not to buy a fake out of ignorance.

Also, evaluate how convenient for you particular model - headphones should not rub, squeeze or create any discomfort.

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