How to make an elastic ass ?

How to make an elastic ass ?

What woman does not want her buttocks were always toned and elastic.This desire is natural, but that it was fulfilled, would have to make some efforts.Even if there is no opportunity to regularly visit a gym or fitness club can help themselves and in the home, if the patient.To solve this problem must be approached comprehensively, and not to use any one method.In other words, examining a series of measures aimed at how to make the ass elastic, it is necessary to decide and to slightly change their way of life.But it's worth it!


start in the morning.Before you go into the shower, carefully plucked the gluteal muscles, achieving a uniform pink color.In the shower, you can massage the buttocks with a brush or a hard sponge, just do not bring to a crimson color.If you feel the strength, take douche.After a shower, apply a rich cream.You can also use anti-cellulite, if you believe in it.Many doctors are skeptical that these creams are capable of acting through the skin.


During the day, it is necessary to choose the time and allocate half an hour to perform simple exercises that can help tighten the gluteal muscles and keep them in good shape.

  • Squats.Put the feet slightly wider than shoulder width, take two dumbbells in your hands (you can book or heavy plastic water bottles) and begin to squat.Soles not break away from the floor, straight body, keeping your posture.Squat 10-20 times.
  • Lie on your back, arms at your sides.Raise the straightened legs off the floor by 10 cm., Is retained in this position.Then lift the legs by 10 cm., Again delayed.When we feel that the voltage limit, slowly lower legs.Repeat 5-10 times.
  • to roll over and get up on his knees, with his hands on the floor.Straighten and retraction of one leg, hold for a while.Return the leg in place, straighten the second.Repeat 10-20 times on each leg.

number of repetitions will need to determine the most, depending on the level of physical fitness.There are other effective exercises, which can be added to further increase the load if necessary.


'll have to slightly change the diet, give up the sweet and starchy foods.Refusal of food after 18 hours - it's a moot point, but you need to try not to eat for 4 hours before bedtime.

Life in motion

gluteal muscles must work.When deciding how to make the ass elastic, it is necessary to think about the greater physical activity.At least, you have to walk more, to give as much as possible from the use of an elevator.Finally, to ride a bicycle.Has anyone seen a dancer of Latin dance with flabby ass?Maybe we should do?By the way, the movement on his heels, too, put a strain on the gluteal muscles.