What to do to let go ?

What to do to let go ?

taking drugs is bad, harmful, even deadly, but it is all already know.Every man deliberately makes his choice and he should be responsible for its consequences.If at the time of entertainment that something went wrong, it is always better to know in advance what to do to let go - how to get rid of irreversible and disastrous consequences that entails an excessive abuse of psychotropic and other means.

Information below is not a treatment for severe consequences of taking drugs.These are just a folk remedies, provided for reference and are not drug propaganda!

Criminal liability

Remember that no excuses are not removed from your criminal responsibility.Part 1 of Article 228 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code provides for punishment not only for distribution, but also for the purchase of drugs without intent to sell.Be careful and cautious!

Several thousand people have already been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three to five years for possession of drugs.In Russia, declared a fi

erce war against the drug mafia, and any person who uses drugs is seen as a potential threat to the security of the nation.


«smoke pot" is considered to be quite harmless form of entertainment.Fans of "smoke" claim that the herb does not affect adversely on the body.And, despite the fact that doctors have long proven otherwise, not to convince some.In the case of busting with rods, when you sit and pray: how to make sure to let go, please, can help a glass of milk.Milk - the ideal means of detoxification, it will help to bring out the blood of toxic substances.


In our time, the Internet can be found vsё.Dazhe the question of how to do so, to let go, you can find the answer.With the "hairdryer" important not to overdo it.If too much has already occurred, it is necessary as soon as possible to withdraw the drug from the body.Sour lemon enhance the acidity in the stomach and speed up metabolism, which will lead the harmful substances from the blood.


to combat drunk, there are some good, proven folk remedies.

  1. ammonia.Ammonia is used not only for ladies muslin, constantly losing consciousness.He does great help to clear the brain and lead him into fighting condition.If the standard fleece with alcohol did not produce much effect, it is diluted with a few drops of ammonia in half a glass of water and drink in one gulp.
  2. ears.Few people know that vigorously rubbing his ears, you can achieve a sobering effect.From this procedure, the blood begins to circulate through the body faster, surpassing the net, not alcohol poisoning blood to the brain.
  3. water.Copious amounts of fluid can very effectively help.Water cleanses the stomach and good help remove toxins from the body.


very important to know the case of overdose of heroin, what to do, to let go, because there are cases with a fatal outcome.The pharmacy is sold without a prescription medicine in ampoules, "Caffeine sodium benzoate", it should be administered intramuscularly.It will help to neutralize the effects of heroin.


Get rid of hallucinations provoked by the action of fungi, we can get rid of the mushrooms themselves.In fact, the effect of poisonous mushrooms - this is a consequence of food poisoning.Understand what you need to do is to let go, it is easy - you simply clear the contents of the stomach.Then you can received activated charcoal - it acts as an absorbent and absorbs all traces of muck.

Distribution in

network to the Internet exists even meme "how to please let me go."This phrase, which is most often typed in search engines such as Yandex, Google and others.

In conclusion, it should be noted that a qualified and effective assistance can only ambulance!Whenever you feel unwell should like to see a doctor as soon as possible, any delay could be dangerous!But the best cure for the drug - the word "NO"!

Be healthy and not fall into trouble.