How to remove belly fat ?

How to remove belly fat ?

Most girls and women tend to lose weight.And they set the goal - to lose weight at all locations.Sometimes, some places difficult to lose weight.For example, the stomach.Today, let's talk about getting you can remove excess fat from the abdomen.So:

How to remove tummy?

Many advised to engage in exercises.For example, a good exercise to burn excess fat on the abdomen - is side bends and exercises with a hoop.Moreover, some women claim that these exercises will give one hundred percent result.Abdominal exercises can also help deal with excess fat in the waist and abdomen.Some advise to make the main emphasis is on the abdominal exercises.There is a danger, if you prefer abdominal exercises.If they are to perform improperly, will swing the muscles, which are under the fat.As a result, you get a rainbow does not result.The main objective of the exercises, in your case - is burning fat and not build muscle mass.After the exercise is required to engage in stretching muscles that have not purchased t

he last convex rough shape.All this should be coupled with proper diet, you can pick up without any problems.

However, many people do not agree that the simple exercise are sufficient to remove the tummy.These women are advised to purchase a subscription to a fitness club and go to Pilates, step and strip-dance hall.As part of the activities have a specially designed program to reduce the amount of fat around the waist.Those who have tried these programs say that after two months of systematic attendance can remove up to 4 centimeters in the waist and throw 5 kilograms.

Also, there is a rumor that many women use special adhesive that can help if you want to lose weight.We need to stick the patch 1-2 per day for several months.Some women showed allergic reactions to the patch, so this option is weight loss is not suitable for everyone.

According to research reputable scientists, should pay special attention to bad habits.It is proved that bad habits are more likely interfere with the normal metabolism in the female body.This in turn does not allow to properly lose weight and get rid of extra fat.Particularly strong bad habits act on the body in a state of stress.If you have the habit of relieving stress through cigarettes or alcohol, you can be sure that you will not be able to achieve good results in weight loss and you can not remove tummy.As a result of extensive studies have shown that being overweight - this effect of stress and addictions.Here's how to comment on this situation Redford Uillms, professor of psychiatry at Duke University:

" We know that the stress hormone cortisone in combination with adrenaline stimulates fat deposition in the abdominal cavity is probably stress causes our body to redistribute fat transfer it to others.areas such as the thighs, on stomach. "

Also, you should remember that you will not achieve impressive results in a single day.You will need to be patient and focus on yourself for a few months at least.If it would just throw a couple of extra centimeters to the full tummies and was not at all.Set a goal and break it into smaller tasks that you can overpower.Forget about time.Do not run after him, because he did not catch up.Complex business requires as much time as he needs.Engage in a system and spend a little of your time each day for your body's development, because it deserves it.