How to kill a word ?

How to kill a word ?

word - is a set of certain sounds that affect the psycho-emotional state.And depending on the value and direction of the word can act positively, negatively or neutrally.So psychologically how people that the criticism affects depressing mood and behavior.Negatively stained words can "kill" a person both literally and figuratively.

How to kill a word: belief

At one time experts was conducted an interesting study: Human connected to a special device registration activity of the nervous system, and offered to submit, he flexes his hand.At the same time his hand was observed activity of neurons responsible for venation flexor muscles.What does it mean?The fact that presented no different from the actual activity of the brain.

In this regard, suggested that all that is possible to convince the person will resonate in his body.It based on this well-known placebo effect, when patients "treated" dummy pill, and they did note improvement.

Using only the power of words, Agatha Christie's heroine - Al

ice convinced maniac husband that she poisoned him, and he believed it, really died.So the word expressed sometimes by chance, could have a devastating effect.

How to "kill" the word: regular humiliation

Constant negative comments in the human side can make him miserable, to destroy the self-esteem, bring on the thought about leaving the life.Not for nothing in the legislation there is an article, which provides criminal penalties for incitement to suicide.

What words can have such a negative impact on any, even the most healthy and adequate person?For example, regularly humiliating the child, using the characteristics of his mental faculties unflattering expression, protecting the praise, we can achieve a real reduction in school performance, in other words "killing" him a successful student.

example of the effect of humiliation and insults can result in a lot, and the reason lies in the fact that the human sense of self and social matter, and thus is largely determined by relationships with other people.

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