Why commit crimes ?

Why commit crimes ?

uniqueness of human personality is evident in its values ​​and activities, so it is difficult to predict how to behave in a particular individual in a difficult situation.Some people are willing to go on the offense, even though they are aware of its possible consequences, but why commit crimes?Here it is necessary to allocate psychological nuances and aspects.If there was a difficult situation, a lot more people believe in fortune and luck, preventing its onset.But without getting what he wanted, a person may commit unlawful acts, at the same time freeing themselves from the problem for a while.

Why do people commit crimes

proved that each person is a crime according to their personal characteristics or based on mental activity.

  1. Economic crimes are due to financial relations themselves and their difficulties.This means that people in some degree'm sure will go unpunished, thus implementing the plan, of course, if the objective possibilities for this exist;
  2. crimes that involve violence, may
    start on the basis of financial incentive.After all, the desire to take away something that can be triggered by power superiority, or the hopelessness of the situation.This means that the person is aware that he can do and does.Rape, as a particular species may be committed due to the individual systems that do not allow a person to tie a strong and lasting relationship.
  3. Some crimes, of course, is associated with mental illness.You play the role of desires that are imposed flow abnormalities of brain processes, or hallucinations.That's why before the court the suspect person goes through a forensic examination, which is designed to refute or to find the existence of the disease, which led to such actions.
  4. also play a role in the crime may affect the state, ie, the excitation of the nervous system, which the offender has little control.
  5. voproese decisive factor as to why people commit crimes considered motive.Motif in different cases can vary greatly, although often quite similar features exist even in completely different types of crime.As can act as a motive: the desire to possess material goods jealousy, revenge, humiliation.

why teenagers commit crimes

Scientists' opinions on this issue are as follows:

  1. Impact from (peers, adults) - 69%;
  2. Lack of money, the need - 57%;
  3. mental disease - 43%;
  4. desire to stand out, the desire to thrill - 39%;
  5. problems in the family, "nothing to do" - 26%;
  6. Propaganda of violence through the media - 22%;
  7. Shortage of parental attention - 22%;
  8. Curiosity - 13%;
  9. Use "psychedelic" (including alcohol) - 13%;
  10. Impunity - 12%.

Whatever reason alone is not considered the most important factors that influence the behavior of adolescents, it is the conditions in which their personality is formed: family relationships, material standard of living, employment teenager.

As can be seen from the above, co-factors that push the teenager to commit a crime, not too little.If a child in the family since childhood instilled respect for the tangible and intangible values, then all the points described above will not have any "bad" role in forming his fate.