How to increase the ass ?

How to increase the ass ?

question of how to increase the ass is very important for women who have not "convex" shape.And what in the first place will look a man walking behind you?Of course in the ass!This part of the female body is one of the most attractive to the opposite sex - but only if it is in proper form - is not sagging, but at the same time is not flat.So, how to increase the amount of priests and make it gorgeous?

Ensure food

For priests, as well as for any part of our body is very important that we eat.If you do, it does not require weight loss, but rather the contrary, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  1. start and a lot of bad eating - is not out of the situation.From fast food and large amounts of food fifth point does not become firm and delicious, but just quite the opposite - rasplyvetsya and covered with cellulite, and from this it will be difficult to get rid of.
  2. necessary to consume more protein foods - proteins, as well as to reduce fatty foods in the diet.
  3. Drink more water - i
    t is important for building muscle.

So, we figured out the food.But, unfortunately, this will not be enough.To increase the volume of priests need to train hard, because it should not be increased from the food and from the muscles.In addition to the exercises, which, by the way, do not necessarily have to at the gym, and can be at home at a convenient time, there are things that you can do not specifically allocate time.Such useful things include walking and jogging.Go to work or school in good weather walk is not so difficult, and climb the stairs instead of the elevator to go to the general is not difficult, however, such a seemingly minor detail, will soon lead to a beautiful ass.


How to increase the volume of the priests with the help of fitness?Main practice regularly and vigorously.Also, be aware of such mandatory things as a warm-up, especially the calves.Exercises for buttocks is recommended to safely and smoothly for 3 sets, each 30 times.

most important exercise in the struggle for appetizing forms will be squats.You can squat with weights - such as the body-bar.

next group of exercises - mahi.

kicking back Mahe aimed at tightening the lower part of priests - the gluteus maximus.For this exercise you will need a chair.Standing to face him and lean arms, keeping your back straight, do not swings back above 90 degrees.In this chase the amplitude does not necessarily - max should be done at the expense of the hips, trying to raise it above.

Mahi feet toward strengthening both the ass and inner thighs.Stand sideways to a chair or wall, and implementation principle will be the same as that of mahah ago.

Mahi feet apart buttocks forward and strengthen the muscles around the knee.we must rely for the implementation thereof on the support arm, leg raise and keep as much as possible, straight.

No less effective for increasing priests and lunges.

Standing sideways, place one foot back and the other forward.Slowly squat and shallow, making sure that that would be knee leg exposed forward, did not go beyond the line of the fingers.

Lunges ago.Squats are the same as in the previous exercise, but it is necessary to keep the weight on the left leg and the right to step back.

Lunges forward.All the same, but with the exception that the attack will come.This exercise is very effective and is aimed at the lower part of the priests, hips and legs up to the knee.

There is a sea of ​​exercises.Also you can to make the desired amount of your thighs start going to the gym.And if you are not very fond of heavy loads, the ideal option would be a class body-ballet.A lot of opportunities - is the desire to act, and be appetizing ass - that's the answer to the question of how to increase the ass.