How to increase your buttocks ?

How to increase your buttocks ?

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How to increase your buttocks?

Every time their canons of beauty.And not always, these canons are within the scope of the notorious formula 90h60h90.Remember, though, pyshnotelye muses.Renaissance artists, masculine kulturistok dashing 90 or "disembodied spirits" of podiums at the turn of centuries.

beautiful half of humanity is ready to put life would only comply with the spirit of his time.We need to starve or overeat - yes, please!Requires pull dumbbells - yes, we forward to the song!Lie under the surgeon's knife - and this we agree!Just to stay "in the stream".

What kind of situation is observed today in the fashion Olympus?To aspire to modern beauty?In what framework are trying to squeeze yourself this time?

But, the situation is as follows.Some want his lips like Angelina Jolie, and the other - ass like Jennifer Lopez.There are, of course, other options, but they are not so numerous.

If you are among the fans of Angelina Jolie, then there is little choice.Wi

thout plastics you can not do.But if you do not give rest to Lopez buttocks, there is a lot more ways to achieve the desired.From the simplest to the more complex and costly.And we start, of course, with the most simple.

buttocks a la Jennifer Lopez

With linen

turns out, the designers have already worked on this problem and have created special clothes to visually increase the fifth point.This seamless panties, the back of which, just vshili foam.

Wu-a-la!Dressed panties, and your ass like a peach.To the touch, too - is even nothing.Yes, that's just bad luck.What if it comes to undressing?And suddenly, your beau just pecked at the same place that you were false?Yes ... The confusion, however ... Maybe, after all, do not look for easy ways?

With glyuteoplastiki

volume and shape of priests can also be changed with the help of plastic surgery (glyuteoplastiki), during which, under the gluteal muscles are sewed silicone implants.Time, this procedure does not take a lot, and the result is very impressive, but not everyone can pull it financially.Therefore, we turn to how to increase the buttocks, using other, more affordable methods.

through diet

To become your ass round, of course, about any low-calorie diet and can be no question.We say, on the contrary, how to increase the buttocks, and therefore - to gain weight.This can be achieved by including in your diet foods rich in fats and carbohydrates (bread and bakery products, cereals and pasta, pork and chicken, as well as fat dairy products).But here, there is another side to the coin.Corrects is not just your ass.To avoid the accumulation of fat in other parts of the body, you need to diet to connect a set of special exercises.The gluteal muscle should work to grow and consume excess calories.Yes, and the whole body is not against healthy diet and moderate exercise.


exercises To increase the buttocks exercises are very effective.However, the first results will be visible soon, even at very persistent training.Be ready for it.But, you get lasting results.

Training should be carried out 2-4 times a week.Start with small loads, constantly increasing them.Video on how to increase the buttocks, will help you understand how to properly perform a particular exercise.

Before training to perform the buttocks workout to warm up and to work all muscle groups.A beautiful shape and firmness of your pope will give:

  1. squats with weights;
  2. lunges with weights;
  3. booty walking, sitting on the floor;
  4. strap;
  5. kick their feet;
  6. bridge;
  7. coups.

As they say, beauty demands victims.And what sacrifices are you willing to go for the sake of his appearance?If the case is limited to a healthy diet and exercise, start at least right now.The honor you and praise.But if you decide on any radical intervention in your body, think carefully.And is it worth it?Where did you get to your gorgeous ass, so painstakingly sewn, if a couple of years in the fashion hudyshki enter again?